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Learn to make delicious vegan macaroni and cheese

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This is an older video of ours originally posted on June 14th 2010.
The sound was messed up on the first video. Here it is with corrected sound.
Vegan mac n cheese with Daiya Cheese
So good, it’s to die for!

Special thanks to

1 lb elbow pasta
1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup canola oil
2 cups soymilk or almond milk
Daiya cheese 1 1/3 cup (feel free to mix a little of each flavor)
1 tbsp basil garlic spice (garlic powder & dried basil)
1 tsp onion powder
vegan bread crumbs
salt & pepper
1/4 cup nutritional yeast (optional)
1 tbsp mustard

boil pasta
heat canola oil over med heat
stir in flour
add soymilk and bring to boil
add salt pepper, basil garlic spice, and onion powder
add cheese and stir together
strain pasta and put in deep pot
pour melted cheese sauce over pasta
place in glassware dish
add breadcrumbs
sprinkle paprika on top
place in over 20 mins for 350*

18 Replies to “Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe | The Vegan Zombie”

  1. I know this video is a few years old now , but seriously you CANNOT delete them!! I have made this several times throughout the years – and it has been a favorite! – I still refer back to the original video from time to time . Still a VZ fan, but do miss this old format.

  2. Daiya cheese is absolute trash. Can only imagine how it tasted 9 years ago.

  3. I’m now returning after about two years since I made this and I’m glad I saved this in my watch later 🙂 if anyone’s wondering it’s very yummy personally it has like a sweet taste to it but it’s a good sweet taste not in a bad way. Very yummy I plan on making it for my birthday since I can’t exactly go out and eat

    I did find it to be not a big portion for 3 hungry family members so I’m going to double the recipe

  4. I love your channel and have been looking to see, but I haven’t found any bread or milk reviews. Not sure if I’ve over looked them or not.

  5. Go look up rapeseed oil, its canola it's a garden herbicide, poison, you are one dumb vegan

  6. Wow this looks amazing!! And your hilarious. I love it. New subbie here. Great work !!!

  7. I've been vegan for 2 months now, I'm worried about how much oil vegans use. HEART ATTACKS are serious business.

  8. I giggled along with you when you dropped the bowl in the pot, been there done that lol

  9. Just made this.. used my cheapo Aldi vegan shreds since I didn't have Daiya. Still was delish, topped with fresh chopped tomato. Going to be a staple in this house. LOL! 😛

  10. Hey, Mr. Vegan Zombie. I'm a huge fan of your cooking. I purchased your cookbook from Amazon a minute ago. I can't wait for its delivery. Thanks for your inspiration, sir. God bless.

  11. I'll be honest, I was really excited to try this; however, its the worst mac-n-cheese I've ever tasted. Sorry! No more Daiya for me.

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