Wanna See What's in my Shower?

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disclaimer: this video is not sponsored. All products were purchased by myself.

17 Replies to “Wanna See What's in my Shower?”

  1. I bought Macademia shampoo and conditioner. At the register, the lady told me that they sell them out real quick, when they have them in stock. They also work wonders on hair. I'm excited to try mine out.

  2. I wouldn't mind dumb YouTube ads if the real video actually starting loading up in the background while the ad was playing.

  3. Hi Elle! I was wondering if you remember where you got your shower caddy from? I've been trying to find one like that.

  4. It's interesting because Missglamorazzi has more products than you but not as many people are plastering her about her overload of products…

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