We Bought a $190,000 DISASTER! Stud Pack House Inside Tour + Future Plans

Hey Gang! Whoo that was a long time without posting, we’re sorry about that. Like we’ve stated in previous videos we never like doing that, but whenever there’s a small hiatus, it’s because we’re so busy doing things to improve the channel. These past 2 weeks have consisted of finishing and filming the final videos for our latest remodel, scheduling and planning our last and most epic project in Louisiana, and of course, trying to make Progress on the Stud Pack house. We don’t see too many video droughts in the future. Not a lot to say on this one other than we’re excited to get to Texas and start building this thing. Bit off more than we can chew it feels like, but we know it’ll be worthit. Hopefully ya’ll are as excited as we are.

contact: Studpack225@gmail.com

25 Replies to “We Bought a $190,000 DISASTER! Stud Pack House Inside Tour + Future Plans”

  1. Don’t forget to get a benchmark elevation for your house second floor and your garage second floor so tying isn’t a problem

  2. Hey, GFCI in the kitchen, new mini-split in the living room. I don't see the problem. Start moving in!

  3. Maybe it's just me but it just seems like you guys are trying hard to be optimistic about this disaster house. Good luck though. Iirc correctly the house was bought by the son having never even seen the property before using a realtor who has no experience. Not sure if the dad knew about the purchase or not. You guys are going to have your hands full for a long time.

  4. It would be an awkward moment when the guy that did this work happens to find this video

  5. Glad to see the ambition you both have! Good Luck!, I have a feeling your going to need it in a big way 🤞

  6. Good luck with this. I am interested to see how it turns out. I know it will be great!

  7. Looking forward to watching this progress. Hey can you buy pops a paint gun so he doesn’t strain the back painting the lines. Lol

  8. wow, lots of plans and work to do, can hardly wait to see all of this project. keep up the great work.

  9. You definitely do not want to over build for the area you have to find out what the properties are going for around that area and build up to that level or maybe just a little bit beyond

  10. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment. When a company came to " de-lead " the place all they did was apply paint over the trim. In the bathroom the tub needed replacing. In there the new walls around the tub are separating. The trim along the edge of the tub is 'notched' to allow the toilet to flush. They could have just replaced the tank with a top flush button. In electrical boxes the spray in foam covers the sides of outlet receptacles. I had a 220v outlet for a dryer. They removed the outlet BUT left the 220v romex hanging in the basement, not enclosed in a box covered, nope hanging there and still connected to the breaker panel on a 30A breaker.

  11. You are a lucky young man to have such supportive parents. What a “down to earth” family. Good luck and God bless.

  12. I am so dang excited for this project. 2 years of videos on remodeling and expanding on a house from start to finish is so awesome. I can't wait!!!

  13. Thanks for the cautionary tale: Never buy a property sight unseen. Those low ceilings alone would be a deal killer for me. I also wonder how many code violations they'll be identifying as you get your inspections to close out your permits. Hopefully, they'll grandfather in all the violations against more recent code revisions.

  14. I bought a house like that for $8,500 and lived in it while doing a complete gut job renovation inside and out… cannot imagine doing it on a similar house that sold for $190K!

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