We Bought a 106-Year-Old Farm – Look What We Found

You won’t believe what we found on our new farm! A hidden treasure of a medicinal herb garden, complete with herbs I wasn’t yet growing on our homestead!

Come join me and see what goodies I find!


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Howdy! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Melissa from Pioneering Today and a 5th generation homesteader where I’m doing my best to hold onto the old traditions in a modern world and share them with others.

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23 Replies to “We Bought a 106-Year-Old Farm – Look What We Found”

  1. Congrats on this beautiful treasure and I know it’s perfect for you! Does it have a shed near it?

  2. I'm always afraid of the plants that look like Queen Anne's lace because of poison hemlock. I don't really know how to reliably tell the difference, do you? And yes, that plant is definitely a breadseed poppy (opium poppy). I heard that red clover is medicinal but haven't looked into that.

  3. I think it’s red chard that’s growing with the red stalk. You can eat those leaves 🙂

  4. It is exciting to find an herb garden like that. I love borage and recently planted seed for a white variety. I think it is called alba. I am interested to see it flower this year. I had never heard of mullein and looked it up, so thanks. I recently came across Cuban oregano and the leaves are so thick and the smell divine. I had decided to buy more herbs this year to add to my garden in addition to those basic staples like thyme, rosemary, Greek oregano and the like. Still loving the view from your new acreage. That is one of my fave Washington views of the hills toward the Cascades.

  5. I also think the red stalked plant may be chard going to seed. There are lots of different varieties of chard and seed mixes that are called Rainbow chard.

  6. the one you tried to ID after the catnip looks a lot like Horehound. It's in the mint family

  7. The original family had a herb garden was said when you first got the property, while you were video taping inside the house

  8. My father used to chiffonade the borage leaves and add them to a salad.

  9. The mint – family herb right after the catnip looks like horehound. The rhubarb-y one looks like dock. Also, the "sweet peas" look like fetch.

  10. the sweet peas are vetch and you should research red clover before you pull it up many nedicinal properties

  11. If you have an iPhone, take a photo of a plant then click on the i with a circle around it, then click on the leaf when it appears on the photo. It’s pretty accurate.

  12. 2:16 NO !!! it's not a weed, i've just watched a video about that plant, it seems to me at least it's " veiveine officinale" ( sorry i'm french), Verbena Officinalis. And you can use red clover as a medicinal plant too !! Don't pull anything out before you really investigate what all those palnts are, you might really regret it ! lol

  13. What exciting finds. Such a blessing. I kept thinking "I hope she doesn't get chewed up by chiggers."

  14. Hii thanks for video. Red Clover is a medicinal plant, it makes blood to be thiner, like garlick. So it can be very usefol

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