We Could Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth, Here's How

Modern science is getting more and more advanced: human-like robots, cloning, creating new species. How about resurrecting extinct species? Could we, for instance, restore the woolly mammoth to the Arctic tundra and see with our own eyes what this animal looked like? Then all of our beloved Ice Age characters could be brought to life! Would it be possible?

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15 Replies to “We Could Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth, Here's How”

  1. They won’t actually be a true mammoth they will be something in between a mammoth and an elephant, you can inject a female hybrid as a surrogate mother with more mammoth dna and potentially bring out more of those true mammoth genes but still won’t be a true mammoth

  2. There's stories of animals rejecting their newly born offspring. I'm doubtful an Asian elephant will be accepting of a bizarre hairy version of themselves with a weird looking need

  3. The last thing humans should be thinking about is bringing back animals. I mean why ..?? So we can continue to ruin their much needed environments and food source while we are running out of oxygen due to extremely disrespectful desires and what we call needs. Please..this is where science goes evil. This is so wrong!

  4. If this gets done, it’ll be done with Mastatadons as they’re closer to current elephants (particularly the Indian variant).

  5. NOO but pls protest we
    Do not want these and start over we took all this time for this world now and we want to start over but yes I do support you guys

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