We Tried To Make A Spanish Dish That’s Been Translated 50 Times

You asked for it, so we’re giving it to you! In this season finale of Lost In Translation, Jasmine and Katie go head to head making two dishes based on the same translated recipe. Who will get the closest to the actual dish?

Got a recipe suggestion for future seasons? DM Katie @oldladiekatie on Instagram!

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00:00 Intro
01:10 Step 1
02:25 Step 2
03:25 Step 3
04:25 Step 4
05:50 Step 5
06:23 Step 6
07:24 Step 7
08:10 Step 8
08:55 Step 9
09:52 Step 10
10:49 Step 11
11:13 Step 12
11:40 Step 13
12:00 Step 14
12:20 Reveal!

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27 Replies to “We Tried To Make A Spanish Dish That’s Been Translated 50 Times”

  1. Can y’all believe we are already wrapped on season 1?!

    To make a recipe suggestion for season 2, DM @oldladiekatie on IG!

    Its also your last chance to make suggestions for merch! love you all and thanks for watching ❤️

  2. I’m new to this series, and to me, Katie look like Cady from mean girls-

  3. I wonder if the amount of languages Jasmine speaks is the reason she's so good at this? does Katie speak any other languages?

  4. MOAR Lost in Translation please @tasty. Most entertaining cooking content I’ve ever seen. Jasmine, Katie, Mimi and Kelly are fantastic!

  5. I love who ever edits this:
    “You can’t tell me I’m wrong.”
    Editor: Yes I can.

    “And I’m happy about it.”
    Editor: Lies

    “Breadcrumbs.” Editor: No
    “Breadcrumbs.” Editor: No x2

  6. It makes it so much funnier that Katie is so bad with the word association 😂😂

  7. I was thinking, for season 2 of Lost in Translation, you could have other chefs (babish, joshua weissman, rosana pansino, etc) make the translated recipes, and make jasmine or someone among the four of you duel them in making the translated recipe

  8. I loved this competition style. Next season should be “Lost in Translation: Jasmine vs Katie”

  9. Please please please have them make a Brazilian recipe for "dadinhos de tapioca".

  10. It would be cool if you had linguists try to follow instructions or recipes that have been translated 50x!

  11. SO WHERE IS KATY'S HOLMES @? It would be a rhetorical thing to say riiiiiight heeeeeeere my freen! 🥰🤣🤗💯

  12. I'm so sad this season is ending but I'm so excited for season 2! This is one of my fav series on this channel!

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