What I look for when detecting a old hydraulic pit to find larger gold.

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29 Replies to “What I look for when detecting a old hydraulic pit to find larger gold.”

  1. I always laugh when people say "ahh, just small gold.". Gold is gold and it adds up…lol. Most of us are out for time in nature and, if lucky, we find some shiny. It adds up and will give us some $$ eventually. Thanks for taking us along and explaining things along the way. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh my Gosh! I'm killing my back and wasting my time with my little sluice box! 🙄

  3. No, sir! Any video that documents a good gold find (over 1/3 of a troy ounce) is not "stupid long". Out of curiosity, do you keep camping equipment in that truck of yours?

  4. Where in Arizona do you prospect? I have seen some finding gold 50 miles south of Tacna/Wellton. I was raised up there but never knew about gold.

  5. That's awesome Prospecting with a detector is the best hobby in the world , I have a whites GMT and it's excellent, extremely sensitive, awesome video and good luck 👍

  6. You have got more gold with the tdi than any other machine you been using ..why have you stoped using the tdi and switched to mine lab .the proof I there whites dominates

  7. I'm new to your channel and I'm in the black hills and am wondering if i can use your tips on the geology in this part of the country

  8. Was somewhat surprised you didn't dig up the dirt around that rock to take it home for panning.

  9. Treasure pit under that rock 🙂 Thank you for great educational videos, we newbiees appreciate it so much <3 Keep up the good work !

  10. Hey partner good morning., afternoon. I came across an area about 60 feet above the river, here on Vancouver Island.. sane thing tons of those rock's. You recommend I take my gold bug around there.

  11. Ive watched this video 3 or 4 times now and i believe its my favorite

  12. My off wall question: Are you married Gary and are you still together? Never hear you talk about a wife other than your sons and daughter Emily. Briefly talk about your family if you do mind, everyone loves you Gary! and thank you so much for showing and teaching us new skills.;

  13. Always entertaining as usual. And remember captain Jeff, I like stupid long also because you are very entertaining, and we can always do the editing here for our own liking's. If Youtube was charging by the minute, I guess it would be different! LOL

  14. You are a good man. If you find junk, pack it out. Like steel shot or nails. Thank you, this stuff drives me crazy.

  15. Where did you purchase those little triangular pans that you use when you’re moving your gold to the scale? Thanks! Love your videos!!

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