What Dinosaurs Saw Before the Asteroid Struck

How did the dinosaurs go extinct? Could dinosaurs still be alive? Why did the asteroid hit Earth? There’re so many questions when it comes to the Dino world. Scientists still keep looking for answers. Recently it’s been revealed that the giant asteroid could be visible in space 1 year before it hit our planet. Could the collision be prevented? What exactly could be seen in the night sky? 🤩

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13 Replies to “What Dinosaurs Saw Before the Asteroid Struck”

  1. asteroids don't have much of a visible tail and meteors have an average entry speed of about 160,000 MPH according to the American Meteor Society. Just sayin…

  2. This video seems to be assuming the impact was caused by a comet (as much of the description, such as its flight path from past Jupiter, would not be true of an asteroid). But we do not know to this day whether it was a comet or an asteroid; despite what recent studies may indicate.

  3. AVOID A MAJOR CATASTROPHE???!!! The thing was 6 miles wide bro and I don't think I need to tell you, but there were creatures far away from the impact site that are no longer around 🤔

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