What I Learned From Buying an Apartment as a MINIMALIST

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After renting our previous apartment for ten years, the timing was finally right for my boyfriend and I to buy an apartment. Through this process, I’ve learned a lot about housing, stuff and happiness. So in today’s video, I want to share with you a bit more about what I learned from buying an apartment as a minimalist. And of course, I also show you around our new place. 🙂 I think there might be a minimalist apartment tour coming soon!

Lots of love,
???? Vera

My new apartment 0:00
Actual needs vs budget 1:54
Benefits of living small 4:55
Minimalism isn’t the goal 6:54
Home maintenance 8:12
Learning skills with Skillshare 9:36
Buying things because you should 11:03
Dealbreakers vs. imperfections 12:17
The real costs of home ownership 13:50
Living below your means 15:12

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28 Replies to “What I Learned From Buying an Apartment as a MINIMALIST”

  1. I'm thinking of going for a soft and calming blue paint on the bedroom walls! Thoughts? ????

  2. Congrats on your home! It looks really nice, and it's great that you already feel safer! Buying less than what you're approved for sounds like a good thing to consider. I noticed we have the same floor lamp. It's very nice for reading! 😀

    As for decoration, maybe an accent wall in a color you like? You already mentioned curtains, those already go a long way to make things homey. If there are (smaller indie) artists you admire, maybe a framed art print or two (you also get to support the artist)? Or have memorable scenery from travel pictures printed? I also have a wall section above my dining table dedicated to pet pictures (past and present) but that obviously doesn't apply to everyone. As for your balcony; it's easy to grow your own mint in.. uh… 'plantenbak' while still having plenty of room to sit.

    Thanks for the last point! I live in a ground-floor appartment with a yard. It's a rental from a housing corporation, very affordable and well-isolated. I'm very happy with it, it's big enough for me and my two cats.

    Interestingly, some people really insist I should be buying a home regardless of being happy with what I have, because 'it's certainly better to buy in the long run', even if it means lesser living comfort, higher energy bills, even less space for my cats and hobbies, and a shitty location that involves a longer commute to work. Or stress due to the upkeep and eventual sustainability requirements. And I'm like ?????. Home ownership isn't the most important thing there is and is no indication of financial stability. I don't care about a higher net worth, but I do care about the option to work 4 days instead of 5 days and not having to worry about upkeep. Buying a home sounds like the worst decision in my case, especially because not having a partner makes me financially vulnerable if something happens. So yeah, I think it's good to underline that whether buying or renting is better depends on multiple personal factors. The answer varies from person to person.

  3. Where the heck did you live before? I thought Sweden was a safe and peaceful place to live.

  4. Congratulations on your new home, I’m really happy for you and wish you all the best in your new home x❤

  5. Congratulations Vera, your new home looks even more beautiful than the previous one, minus the noise, trash and drunkenness.
    I'm sure the small fix-ups will be enjoyable and feel like home soon with your own personal touches.
    Ps. I love the Asian furniture you added.

  6. Hi Vera, I’m not even finished watching your video and I’m so excited for you. You made the right decision to not let the bank encourage living on the edge of your means. The minimalist mindset is so helpful with this. And thank you for your inadvertent book recommendations. I paused the video and put two books on hold at my library that I had not heard of: Vegan Japaneasy & The Things You Can See…. ????????????❤❤

    PS: I ❤LOVE❤ creaky floors, and squeaking hinges. They are very nostalgic for me… plus no one can sneak up on you ????

  7. Congratulations Vera! What a clean and modern look that you have in your new apartment! The things that you want to do, certainly look manageable and fixing up that balcony will be fun❤

  8. WOW CONGRATS! I've watched your previous video regarding your house situation before. I'm so happy you guys are moving on! <3 Thanks always for the minimalist tips!

  9. Hey Vera! Nice to see some parts of the new place and that you are settling in. As long as you don't put up disco lights and a disco ball in the ,middle of the bedroom, I am sure you will be ok in decorating it????. Remember to enjoy the process as well as the outcome! Be blessed

  10. I'm so happy for you! Wise advice. Glad you chose to "live" the moving process too. take care

  11. Gefeliciteerd! Fijn dat je je er thuis voelt????

    Je zou kunnen kijken voor foto behang voor de slaapkamer, er zijn schitterde opties beschikbaar (bos, zee, stad tot printen van eigen foto's etc)
    Of teken of copieer iets (mandala of je disigns op doorzichtig plastic en vergroot het met behulp van een lamp op een muur

    Succes met je kast goed meten is mijn tip, tenminste drie keer of zo vanaf de onderkant vd deur, zet een streepje met potlood en boor 't gat van beide kanten met weinig druk zo beschadigd de deur niet ( zeg dit uit ervaring ik heb de zelfde kast en deur, die is mooi hè!)

    Veel geluk samen❤

  12. For your bedroom… Selenite Crystals are Lovely and Energy Cleansing. ✨️ I have two towers and they are beautiful. ????

  13. Absolutely can't wait to move, but it is still almost a year away. We have gunshots in the parking lot right outside my door almost every weekend and two of my roommates work until midnight. I don't sleep worrying until they get home. I'd love to own, but home repair and yard upkeep are not possible for me. Having almost a year to refine my thinking is really helping. I'm still very flexible, but I've been able to sort out the "fantasy wants" (yard with chickens and a huge vegetable garden) from what I can really manage.

  14. I’ve just come across your YouTuber I’m also a beginner of minimalism. Is there any advice you would give to a beginner?

  15. Wat een mooi appartement! Ik ben blij voor jullie dat jullie nu op een fijne, rustige, veilige plek wonen. Dat is zoveel waard! Wat betreft de slaapkamer: misschien wat leuke reisfoto's printen? En dan kijken waar je in de loop der tijd tegenaan loopt, waar je je echt prettig bij voelt? Ik bedoel dus: niet forceren om iets op te hangen, maar het op natuurlijke wijze laten ontstaan. Planten zijn ook altijd goed.

  16. Congratulations on your own home, Vera. You both deserve it xxxx About bedroom walls, is the room warm or cold? Which direction does the window face? What is your favourite colour? Etc xxxx

  17. Congratulations! It looks so bright and cozy! I’m glad you’re in a safer area.

  18. Congrats!! Beautiful space. So happy for you.
    In our bedroom we only have bed, two small side tables and a chair. Nice curtains and painting on the wall serve as decor.
    Very calming

  19. I’m still in the looking phase. But I def want to go with as little square footage as they’ll allow. Mainly for me it’s the cats. Pet friendly etc. I need a generous porch space that is either screened in or primed to screen in myself. My dream is a little cottage with said porch in a neighborhood that is safe and quiet enough.

    And ugh. I can so relate to a rough neighborhood. So ready to not be in one like this anymore. Besides that over here it’s like the paparazzi after me all the time. The cries from the needy and greedy. That is also so tiring even tho I fight them off all the time. The latest is the new noisy wankers across the street. Ugh. Blasting music and talk radio I loathe. Idk who needs it that loud. Good grief. ???? If I have to have a “chat” with them about it, it’s gonna be exhausting.

  20. Vera, many, many, many congratulations on taking the leap and taking out a mortgage on an apartment with your boyfriend. A huge step for you. Blessing to you both. Wishing you happiness and contentment in your new home together ????????????????????????

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