What Made Shiva Grieve When Sati Died? | Sadhguru

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Why did Shiva, who is known as the Lord of the Lords, grieve when his beloved wife Sati died? Sadhguru answers.

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29 Replies to “What Made Shiva Grieve When Sati Died? | Sadhguru”

  1. Often People try to Hide their true Emotions and Feelings because they want to look bold and strong

    That's Real Weakness…

  2. How obvious, and yet I see so called spiritual people trying to pretend not to get angry. Shiva's anger was so beautiful that we consider it his best dance – the Tandav. He didn't get angry for petty reasons, but when he did, it was beautifully channeled.

  3. Krishna never grieved his whole life for anything, how would you explain that sadhguru?

  4. I still do …miss her in my life jazz …she here again ..yet she still will not talk with me …like you ..only at me ..not with me ! Meliconly

  5. Humanity is important whether you are god or superhuman or common man- else what kind of example would you be setting for the rest of the people

  6. So do we grieve because we are entangled or do we grieve because we are untangled?

  7. This is an answer where in Kerala files movie one of the characters tells her friend what kind God u follow who cries for her wife

  8. Amazingly explained as always Sadhguru! Though I rarely comment on any videos but yours are above all ❤. This answer and this explanation was much needed as the youngsters like us are sometimes stuck and find it difficult to take a stand further and I am sure now I m completely aware and well informed as to how I have to deal if somebody questions me with the same. Thanks a lot again❤

  9. Everytime we are faced with such questions about our history, we should not have to wait for Sadhguru's affirmation. If one imbibes Sadhguru's teachings every moment you will have the clarity.

  10. This video is posted because this question was asked by a Muslim in Kerala Story trailer

  11. Lord Shiva will continue to occupy the pride of place in the heart of the people – for just one simple reason ! HE had come forward to drink the poison on HIS own accord – for the well being of all – when no one was willing to do so !
    May the WRIT OF THE CREATOR prevail over everything for ETERNITY !

  12. beautifully answered like always. His patience with us is as legendary as his wisdom. God bless this man

  13. Sadhguru always post when its needed I know y its comes now bcz if The kerela story. ????????????????????????WHEN Ram mandir is needed Sadhguru posted Ram or babar who is better' thamku Sadhguru

  14. Lets not make people as godly as the words utters from mouth they will go mad its ingenuine the more the content the more information gathered the more dangerous opponent or you will become

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