What's In My Travel Carry On + I DESIGNED A BACKPACK!

Eeeep I am so excited to do a what’s in my travel carry on bag for you guys. This is a special video for me because it is the official release of my OWN backpack design. PRE ORDER NOW: http://bit.ly/2t7Feoc (until August 15th)

What to bring in your carry on, backpack essentials, what’s in my carry on, what’s in my travel carry on.

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22 Replies to “What's In My Travel Carry On + I DESIGNED A BACKPACK!”

  1. I actually have her backpack so my next flight which is really soon I’ll use it

  2. What was the hard work on that bag?? It is literally the most common design

  3. I really love that bag design. I love how you made the zipper inside the bag so you don’t loose passports and money and stuff so you also don’t have to worry about someone stealing it from the front pocket

  4. jeez you needed 2.54 min to even start the vid, for that you would get a thump down but bc off the rest of the vid you would get a half from me so…. THUMPS DOWN LLOOSSEERR !!!!!!!!!

  5. Back pack looks nice just plaing and simple i tjought i was d only one with a backpack when i go some were i c not

  6. I love the back pack it’s so cute but it’s not over the top and it has all the compartment you need love you

  7. ugh just seeing this video now and I'm kinda annoyed because i rlly want thing bag and it's not up. is there any way i can possibly get it

  8. Did it really work with the water bottle?! We always have to throw ours away, doesn’t matter if they’re empty or not…

  9. Just in case, I have some tips for you all.
    1. Get clear bags and put things from your carry on into them. If you categorise them, it makes it so much easier to get through customs.
    2. In your suitcase roll your clothes, it saves so much room
    3. Try on all the clothes you want to bring with you first. That way, you can make outfits and see what fits and what doesn’t.
    4. Make sure that what you wear for travelling is light and comfortable. That way you can layer your clothes in case you get cold.
    5. Definitely bring an extra outfit with you when your travelling. Just in case of stains or if your luggage gets lost.

    I’m pretty sure all of you knew half of these I just wanted to help people out!

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