I Ordered WEDDING Cakes from 1 VS 1 STAR BAKERIES!

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16 Replies to “I Ordered WEDDING Cakes from 1 VS 1 STAR BAKERIES!”

  1. I'm BAAAAACK!!!! Sorry for the MIA! So how do YOU guys think they did?? And should we do a 5 VS 5??? 😜

  2. I vote number 2. I think they understood the mission better than the first one. I will say if you didn’t say “I want a square cake” I can see how they gave you a round cake BUT they should have messaged/called you instead of assuming.

  3. If theese cakes (espatially the 2. One) was not wedding cakes and instead birthday cakes they would be REALLY GOOD wasnt expecting this from 1* bakeries

  4. Wow ok… the 2nd cake was far more impressive and more like the inspiration BUT and it’s a big but… the colour is so far off the original that it would have killed the look… with weddings colours and colour coordinating is so soooo important… so yeah. As for the shape, you can’t really tell from the inspiration pic that it’s square so unless you said you wanted square it’s fair that they didn’t realize that it’s not round.

  5. Idea for a video. Give the bakery a prompt and then "fix"whatever is "wrong" with the cake they make.

  6. You should do a video where you just ask for the wedding cake they would want! No other parameters at all and let them have full creative liberty.

  7. First cake was nice but nowhere near as elegant or modern as provided example. They could have improved greatly just in adding height by adding more sugar flowers and some whispies (yes I just made up this word 🤪). Also an easy add would have been to tip the flowers with a touch of gold leaf.
    Second cake also nice. Strange that it wasn’t square. Also the photo you gave them was much softer and a lovely pastel. Don’t love the stems. Too thick.
    Otherwise, a pretty cake!

  8. I like the second cake better. I would've liked more white in the marble and green leaves but I really like the shade of pink that they used.

  9. k but if you ordered those cakes and payed hundreds of dollars for a special occasion and you got something completely different than what you asked for you would probably be pissed. the lack of instruction following is crazy. unless they were given creative freedom to change things like colour or shape i see no excuse for it. its understandable that not everything is going to be able to be perfectly replicated but this is just no where near what was asked for. thats probably why they have 1 star, probably ruined a lot of weddings

  10. Love this! Now….let's see you make the cake as you would have wanted it. I would love to see that technique!!

  11. I still Don’t know which one was the 1 star bakery and which was the 5 star one? Am I deaf? Someone please tell me hehe , and also!! Please do a video where you do a home baker vs 5 star baker 🥰

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