When Bush Comes to Shovel | Ashville Weekly ep123

This week on Ashville Weekly the final slabs are laid and concrete poured in the yard, we have a damaged bush on the LH60 bucket bracket and Terry is promoted again to Director of Grease Operations.

Daniel also appears on @bbcradio4 and 5 Live (link below) and entertains his new Entertainments Manager Michael O’Donovan at @QPR

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5Live – https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m001hx2k

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13 Replies to “When Bush Comes to Shovel | Ashville Weekly ep123”

  1. we just run a wash out pit that we ramped in with the loader so its easy to empty out and clean, just put a gate across the front to stop people walking in and a removable wheel chock to stop drivers backing to far in and you should be sweet.

  2. Sales CRM: bro learn from a veteran… don’t go cheap, Zoho, simpro etc are all trash. Pay the premium for salesforce and a freelance crm manager to set it up. Happy to walk you through it if you drop your email. I’m in construction sales as a director.

  3. Why do you put the random pieces of metal down before you pour the concrete?

  4. Use 2 work at baching plant we had a bay with 2 timbers a across frut when washing out stone and crappie stayed in bay water ran o a pit and pump out clean when pit was full took timber out clen out with loader hen put timbers back

  5. 12:15 Salesforce is a good platform to use for Sales and monitor performance in growth. It can be complex but you can get it personalised to the way you want it. We only have a team of 6 and it works great for our needs

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