Who will win Fifa world cup 2022

Sadhguru speaks about FIFA World Cup 2022, the intensity of involvement that it creates for nearly half the world, and the importance of crafting a plan rather than making a prediction.

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21 Replies to “Who will win Fifa world cup 2022”

  1. I don't care who ever wins..
    But I know for sure who is watching to observe and learn many things..
    and whoever is watching for entertainment is losing many things..

  2. Pane Guru Indie měl bych pro vás otázku? Jak vznikl čas? Kdy přesně začal běžet lidstvu čas? Pane Guru Indie? ▪️◾◼️🔳🔲🌀🔘🧞🗯️Time

  3. He’ll never commit to anything after 05:57 minutes of video. What if he predicts something and the result go otherwise? Then people might say he’s not sadguru. One thing learn from sadguru is don’t commit..

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