Why Car Tires Are Black and 22 Other Simple Why-s

So you’re sitting in your car at that intersection, waiting for the light to change from red to green when you think, “Hmm, why green? Why not blue or purple? Why are things colored the way they are — and how many ways can you answer that question before this light changes?

Did you know, for example, that before 1905, taxis were red and green? Then, Albert Rockwell introduced a model with a 15-horse-power engine that became the standard. He painted it in yellow because… his wife liked that color! And maintaining marital bliss is a good reason for anything! ????

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Traffic Lights 0:21
Green Money 1:00
Black and White Crosswalks 1:21
Yellow School Buses 1:52
Yellow Taxis 2:14
Black Tires 2:33
Green Screens 2:52
Red Barns 3:21
Blue Jeans 3:50
Black Belts 4:25
Black Clarinets 4:55
Black and White Soccer Balls 5:04
Black and White Referee Uniforms 5:37
Orange Basketballs 6:00
White Toilet Paper 6:15
White Wedding gowns 6:54
White Flags of Surrender 7:08
Green Chalkboards 7:39
Blue Ribbon for First Place 8:06
Santa’s Red Suit 8:29
Red Fire Trucks 8:54
Pink Bubble Gum 9:17

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– Traffic Lights Blink Green for “Go” because — In the 1800s, dangerous heavy machinery had green lights that lit up and warned factory workers they were “on” or “going.”
– Traffic Lights Blink Red for “Stop” because — Red is associated with alarm!
– Green Money— Back when the US started printing paper bills, green ink cost less than other colors, letting the treasury keep more of what they printed!
– We transport kids in big vehicles of the yellow color because it’s the one our eyes see first, even in our peripherals.
– Camouflaging dirt isn’t the reason manufacturers add the chemical compound “carbon black” to their product. “Carbon black” makes tires stronger!
– Farmers painted their barns red because those barns were huge and paint was expensive.
– Dark-blue indigo dye washes away … bit by bit … in each wash. As it does, it softens the fabric, creating that special blue jean feel!
– Black Clarinets — That’s because clarinets are made from black woods, like ebony.
– Back then, most TVs were black and white, so designers created a ball with contrasting pentagons, kind of like the stripes in the crosswalk.
– The first basketballs were brown leather. Yeah, brown as in, the same color as the wooden court! In the 1950s, they switched to orange because it was easier to see.
– Mainstream manufacturers bleach their toilet paper to make it sparkly white because white is associated with cleanliness.
– Believe it or not, white dresses were for mourning until Queen Victoria—one of history’s first style influencers— wore a white dress at her wedding and changed tradition forever!
– The Blue Riband was a pennant awarded to the fastest passenger ship crossing the Atlantic. Over the years, Riband got changed to Ribbon, but the blue part stuck.
– Red means emergency, so it’s a natural choice for fire engines. But today, more and more fire trucks are being painted … lime green and yellow!
– When Walter Diemer created his best bubble gum recipe—less sticky, more bubbles!—he made it pink because, well, that was the color he had!

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  1. At least green light is green/teal/blue depending on the angle or perspective, but in Japan, it is literally blue!
    And in Cyberpunk 2077, crosswalks are screens.

  2. Red in not the reason for bad or stop … It is because in a spectrum red travels farther than any other colour and deflects less… Also the reason why lasers are usually red

  3. I started Karate 2020 in like February before Lockdown and I’m now a yellow belt 2022 April

  4. I have cateracts and can see the yellow best, then green then red, think it's because the traffic light is surrounded by black so the colors been in, I stopped driving a couple weeks ago until I get my eyes fixed.

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