Woman Finds FINANCIAL FREEDOM & Debt Free Living in Tiny House

This weeks episode is a real heart warmer. Bethan is an inspiring, hard working woman who was finding it difficult to get ahead in life. That was until she made the decision to build a tiny house and with that, began on her path to financial freedom.

Through living frugally in her home for the first two years, she was able to quickly pay off her debts. With her house now paid for, she has set her sights to saving for her own piece of land.

Bethan’s home is beautiful and perfectly suited to her needs. With a love of travel and adventure, this home helps to give her an unprecedented level of personal freedom to follow her passions.

Visiting this home, I was quickly reminded of one of the reasons that I fell in love with tiny homes. The decision to build them, can genuinely be life changing.

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30 Replies to “Woman Finds FINANCIAL FREEDOM & Debt Free Living in Tiny House”

  1. For me, this weeks episode is a great reminder of why I first became passionate about tiny houses. So many people feel as though the cost of housing has just ran away on them and there's no way to make things work. Bethan's story is a great reminder that with hard work and some good decisions, it's still possible to make the dream happen! We hope you enjoy this episode. With Love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. Love her Tiny house…to live debt free would be amazing…hope Bethan finds the perfect land to purchase.

  3. Independence financially! Bravo, as well as living in your very own space and learning how to be off grid!

  4. How moving to hear how much of a difference this tiny home has made in Bethan's life! I am so inspired. It is such a lovely and simple design, too, and rather perfect if you don't want a loft and want a tub and need some space for your clothes. I love having the washing machine in the kitchen too. I'm very inspired by this story. Thanks again for sharing another beautiful tiny home, Bryce and Rasa, and good luck to Bethan. I hope you'll show us her home again when she's found her own land and done the decorating that she's hoping for!

  5. So emotional and inspiring. All I can say is THANK YOU and continued Success!

  6. Wow! Bethan has a beautiful place! All on one floor makes me think we might be able to do something like it ourselves some day. Thanks for showing us this tiny home Bryce and Rasa.

  7. What a delightful soul (and a lovely, thoughtful home) – thank you!

  8. Wonderful home and enjoyed Bethan’s happiness as well! She’s really accomplished a lot in a short period of time!

  9. Beautiful home and absolutely perfect way to live debt free. Wow, paid off in two years! Amazing!

  10. So happy for her!! What a genuine person! ❤ Wishing her all the best.

  11. I like the simplicity of it. I could totally live in that. No horrid loft!

  12. Amazing achievement Bethan! You’ve done an incredible job. Such great energy & passion. Best of luck on your future adventures!

  13. Bless you Bethan. I cried happy tears with you! I'm glad you've found the security and freedom to be able to plan the future you've envisaged. I wish you a beautiful piece of land you can call you own soon.

  14. This is one of my favorite tiny homes simplistic but cozy and modern ????

  15. This is one of my favorite tiny homes simplistic but cozy and modern ????

  16. From the outiside it looks very small but, this woman has done an amazing job with the inside. It's spacious and airy

  17. I have no idea how these homeowners find such cool parking spaces. Perhaps there are more choices down under than Florida, USA. I would just end up in an RV park or perhaps a Tiny Home community, but it's not the same as a cool private spot. Not to mention commercial lot rent is super expensive. Love this house & this channel.

  18. Seems like she did everything right, & made a house to fit her needs, instead of the other way around. The whole beautiful thing reflects a true tiny house ethic. Great job. Very best wishes–

  19. Great, self-sufficient tiny home on a beautiful parking space! I really like the tiny homes that are actual savings. So many are getting more and more elaborate and expensive. What a nice lifestyle Bethan has created for herself!

  20. Bethan is delightful and I am extremely happy for her and her nesting accomplishments! Bravo Bethan!!

  21. That's a really good one. It has such a sense of spaciousness in a single story unit. Well done All.

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