How to Make Easy Workshop Drawers from 1 Sheet of Plywood with Basic Tools – Free Cutting List

Using only 1 sheet of 12mm plywood (£32.50) and only basic tools watch me build a really easy set of drawers that any DIY’er can tackle.

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Peter Millard ‘Cabinetry Basics’ Video:

Amazon links to the tools used in this video…

► Dewalt 18v Circular Saw:
► Silverline Nail Gun:
► Air Hose Reel:
► Air Regulator & Moisture Trap:
► Compressed Air Fittings:
► Silenced Compressor:

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24 Replies to “How to Make Easy Workshop Drawers from 1 Sheet of Plywood with Basic Tools – Free Cutting List”

  1. You could put silicon runners in the gaps . Drawers would pull out smoothly and never bind.

  2. Great video pal,put some wax on side runners make sliding in n out easier????????

  3. And made with tools that I've got ???? definitely going to try these, thanks for this ????

  4. Brilliant build Stuart well done and thanks for sharing, will your trip to the NEC be on YouTube ?

  5. Great job Stuart and so many possibilities. As I watch I'm thinking of a little cabinet in the hallway with four drawers – one for each of the humans and one for the two kitties – and a little press with shelves attached. It'd hold all our shoes, slippers and hats and scarves and the kittens leads and little toys. Thanks for this. Good luck at Makers.

  6. That sheet of plywood is bigger than my little work/ tool shed ????.
    Fantastic video ????

  7. Hi Stewart, that was a excellent little build, all your ideas are able to be made by the averags home handy person, best regards from a Kiwi living in Australia ????????????????

  8. Enjoyed the video very much Stuart! Another great idea to add to my shed! Thanks!

  9. Brilliantly devised and very strong. I think I would want some runners of some sort under the bottom drawer, and if the runner gaps were slightly shallower it would need something to take up that space. I'd also just screw some knobs or handles on the drawers rather than cutting out those hand recesses.

  10. This kind of thing is just what I needed. A great project with minimal tools Going to subscribe!????

  11. How to make a set of draws without using any type of saw and first thing we see is a saw ????????????

  12. Damn Stuart, your opening sentence got cut off by your intro theme. You were saying?????

  13. Looks great. And very sturdy. My only doubting thought is – so even empty, it weighs the same as a full sheet of 12mm ply. That's quite heavy! Put castors on it – it would make a handy seat!

  14. Looks like a French cleat and bottom space that is left over, for those wall hanging ????

  15. I hope you checked it for square at least 10 times – or Peter Millard might want words at Maker Central :). A very handy and useful cabinet.

  16. Oh! Stewart, no safety glasses again, what would Norm Abraham say?

  17. Couple of flush drawer fronts, and feet added would make a great bedside table. Think thats my next project.

  18. Fantastic project Stuart, thanks. Great video and production as always.

  19. And since I am in the USA I'll have to modify the dimensions a bit anyway to fit a 4×8 ft sheet of plywood.

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