Worn-Down Midcentury Modern Home Remodeled with Spanish Flair | Help! I Wrecked My House | HGTV

Even though a couple’s four boys have flown the coop, their house is busier than ever with visiting spouses and grandchildren. Now, Jasmine looks to fix 27 years of wear and tear and update their midcentury modern classic with a timeless, Spanish flair.

Jasmine Roth rescues homeowners who took on major DIYs and are living without bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms due to issues they can’t fix. Jasmine and her team help finish the problematic projects and turn mishaps into dream spaces in record time.
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12 Replies to “Worn-Down Midcentury Modern Home Remodeled with Spanish Flair | Help! I Wrecked My House | HGTV”

  1. I don’t love the brass fixtures in the bathroom, but overall this was a fantastic renovation. $110k seems like a lot for what was done, though

  2. Beautiful transformation! Except for the light coming in from under the front door!

  3. I loved that the owner said I like to go with the vibe of the house and NOT THE TRENDS. Amen. Too many houses ruined by following fads.

  4. This is NOT a mid-century modern home. It was built in the middle of the last century, yes, but it is a ranch-style home. Mid-century modern homes have sort-of Scandinavian styling, beamed ceilings, and often an interior atrium.

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