Can Rie Make This Matcha KitKat Fancy?

Rie and Jasmine reunite for this extra challenging episode of Make It Fancy! They must make Matcha KitKat fancy… with a second mystery ingredient. Come for the food, stay for the laughs!

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30 Replies to “Can Rie Make This Matcha KitKat Fancy?”

  1. when doing season 3 lost in translation, I want eggplant rolls. I'll do transalation.

  2. Come on, Matcha Kit-Kat is such an amazing chocolate just by itself, this must have been incredible to taste.

  3. Finally the people I know and love are back! Love this series, love Rie and Jasmine!

  4. I'm glad they are still doing this. I really would have loved to see Rie do a Fancy on Cinnamon Heart Candies for Valentine's Day

  5. Who else fast forwarded to the end to find out what they actually made using matcha ???? kitkats?! I’m sure I can’t be the only one here! ????????

  6. Another great make it fancy. An inverse version might also be funny (with the caveat it still has to taste good).

  7. BtW, the first time I had Matcha KitKat, I had a feeling it kinda has shrimp flavour, so the fish makes sense

  8. Am I the only one who believes Jasmine 100% named all 200 KitKat flavors?

  9. Ohhh that's gonna be actually tough to make it fancy, but obviously she'll figure something out and it's gonna be delicious too!! ????

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