YOU KNOW IT HE KNOWS IT-Judge BREAK into Trump w/ warning after lawyer make F00LISH testimony reject

‘YOU KNOW IT HE KNOWS IT’ Judge BREAKS into Trump with warning after lawyer makes F00LISH ‘testimony’ reject

22 Replies to “YOU KNOW IT HE KNOWS IT-Judge BREAK into Trump w/ warning after lawyer make F00LISH testimony reject”

  1. I can’t believe he was allowed to leave the country ! They shouldn’t let the terrorist come back to the country that he terrorized

  2. I don't care which lawsuit, which lawyer, the DOJ, Georgia, the sexual assault victims and all of the other thousands of people he has hurt, SOMEONE gather up the sick sob. SHUT HIS MOUTH. Hasn't he done enough damage? What the fuck is going on with this country?? Get it together! The U.S. is an unfunny joke. Stop the bleeding already! It's sick, sad and disgusting.

  3. Going a bit deeper, just a little bit, the woman's testimony fits a 100% to djt's general behaviour. To blindside is exactly the manner how djt with no limits rolls over any curtesy and conducts. High time to get this criminal scum corrected.

  4. Democrats stand firm. The Republicans are bluffing. Who has the most to lose if the debt ceiling is not raised? The parties with the most to lose are the rich Republican donors, the wealthy, and mega wealthy. Do you think the members of the 1% will allow their Republican politician puppets to burn down their mansion to save a few pennies in taxes? The ultrarich do not want their mansion burned down in an economic conflagration out of selfishness any more than the Democrats want to burn it down out of a feeling of patriotism. Don't let the Republicans bluff you.

  5. No competent lawyer would put Trump on ANY stand in ANY trial. He doesn’t listen to his lawyers, he thinks he knows better, he’s stupid, a compulsive liar, and can be easily manipulated by the other side. It’s just common sense. He’s defamed himself enough in the public sphere and in his deposition as it is. This shouldn’t be a hard case to win. Trump did it, has done it before and has bragged about it on tape!

  6. Ya it couldn't be because trumps a freek n rapist n the country's biggest traitor…

  7. TRUMP is in Scotland while the trial proceeds, inspecting his two Gold courses there which have lost recently approx $10M.

  8. gop CREATING PROBLEMS! why we have enough problems without creating fake ones

  9. Donald Trump has raped and sexually abused quite a few teenage girls and women. It’s been that way since the 70s right now he’s in Scotland and they don’t like him there. They’re protesting very loudly.

  10. Trump lies every time he open his mouth he knows he is guilty that’s why he want take the stand and defend himself ????????????????

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