You'll Stay Poor If You Make One of These 14 Mistakes

Bernard Shaw once said that this world is full of idlers who don’t want to work and just want to make money, while those who are ready to work never get rich. You work hard but your salary still leaves much to be desired? You have to change something.

If you wanna be rich, you gotta work hard, plan your budget and live within your means. This all sounds like well-known, logical advice. However, there are some less obvious ways to get there, such as avoiding shopping on sunny days or in comfortable shoes.

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Throwing away stuff you don’t need 0:21
Doing too much laundry 1:09
Washing up right after a meal 1:50
Keeping the default water heater temperature 2:10
Counting the value of things in money 2:42
Going shopping on sunny days 3:05
Keeping your Instagram to yourself 3:30
Mistrusting other people 4:05
Boiling a full kettle 4:36
Buying stuff you’ll only use once 5:00
Wearing comfortable shoes while shopping 5:28
Saving some of your income once a month 6:00
Stopping for food when you get hungry 6:34
Using the bathroom before you go shopping 7:00

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– Try selling stuff online or bring it to one of the stores that gives you a discount in exchange for things you no longer need.
– While it’s normal to change your underwear every day, your cashmere sweater will thank you if you don’t take it to the laundry after wearing it once.
– If you wash a whole pile of dishes, you’ll use less water than if you’d do it multiple times with separate plates. It only makes sense to clean every plate straight away if you’re eating foods that stick to the plate for good.
– Try calculating the price of something you want to buy in your own labor costs and hours.
– A 2017 study from researchers at New York University and the University of Sydney in Australia has shown that people are more likely to take risks in bright light.
– Do you invest a lot of time in your Instagram page? Make it work for you! If you have a hobby you’re passionate about, or are just great at describing your daily routine, turn it into your part-time or full-time job!
– Even if you don’t have a large family and don’t need that much food or supplies, you can team up with your neighbors and order stuff together.
– Fill the kettle with exactly as much water as you need to have tea, for example. It will not only save water, but also energy, and Mother Nature will be grateful to you.
– The next time you decide to head to a hardware store for a tool you’ll likely never use again, go to a rental shop instead. And, it doesn’t only work with tools these days.
– If you get hungry on your way somewhere and stop at a store or fast food restaurant, you’ll likely overspend on things you don’t really need and won’t finish anyway.

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