Zabaglione – Italian Warm Custard & Fruit Dessert – Valentine's Day Special!

Learn how to make Zabaglione! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy, warm Italian custard & fruit dessert recipe!

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  1. Is there an alternative for the alcohol or is that the heart of this recipe that can not be changed?

  2. i prefer using brolier, that will give you another flavor, but, he is also right

  3. I got really upset a while ago. Watching your videos relaxes me and gives me a few laughs. So thanks, maybe I can sleep now 😊

  4. Chef John, I made this for my valentine and she cancelled lats minute, so I ended up eating both. It was equal parts sad and delicious.

  5. From the Food Wishes blog post…for my own ease of recollection
    Makes 2 or 3 servings:

    3 large egg yolks

    3 tablespoons white sugar

    1/4 cup dry Marsala wine

    1/2 cup diced strawberries tossed with a spoon of sugar
    "I like to use a dry Marsala wine, but sweet Marsala is also a popular choice. If you use the sweet variety you’ll need to cut down or eliminate the sugar. If you’re not into warm wine foams, you can literally use any other flavorful liquid, and the technique will work the same.

    You may need to change the garnish, but things like coffee, fruit juices, and pretty much any other liquor, or liqueur, will work with this technique. Experiment, and see what happens."

    RR If using coffee in place of Marsala, try a to taste amount of dark chocolate syrup to the strawberry mix, then in place of caramelizing the custard, dust the top with dark chocolate powder, with a few small dark chocolate shavings for texture. Go easy on the chocolate. maybe it should tone down the strawberry mix sweet tartness, and lightly compliment the coffee but not compete with it. Also, coffee should be room temperature.

  6. I made this. Didn't use simmering water method. Did Chef John's method with regular wisk. Didn't have white sugar, used dark brown, used a sweet red wine I had in my fridge. Didn't have fresh fruit so mixed in a tiny amount of sour cherry preserve. I really really liked it. But oh my it was BOOZY. Whoo felt like sleeping afterward.

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