10 Mistakes "Nice Guys" Always Make

These are mistakes nice guys always make! If you’re a good person, but want to stop being the “nice guy” to every woman you meet, pay attention! These mistakes can cost you a relationship or a date without you even realizing it!

Dating Mistakes ‘Nice’ Guys Often Make

Lies ‘Nice Guys’ will Tell You

Women on What They Wish ‘Nice Guys’ Understood

The New Nice Guy

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15 Replies to “10 Mistakes "Nice Guys" Always Make”

  1. At the same time acting like a badboy when you are not and being generally fake is something women can smell from a mile away, just saying. What this video are actually saying is that you should stay true to yourself and not change your personality just to get laid because peoples can spot fakeness especially woman that are often very perceptive. Just be honest and truthful about who you are as a person, you dont have to act as either a badboy or a "nice" guy, woman like peoples that are themself no matter how quirky or goofy you are. Let your personality out. And if she don't, she is not worth pursuing because there is someone else out there that will like you for who you are. Another thing is confidence, true confidence is not acting cocky, immature or rude it is being comfortable in who you are as a person, embracing your own personality and being able to maintain eye contact for a longer period of time aswell as good posture.

  2. I keep encountering "nice men."
    You are a nice man if you approach women and understand their cues and if they're not interested you leave her alone, she's not the only woman in the world! You are not nice if you choose not to understand that she's saying no, you do not keep pressuring a woman even if she's nice to you, because if she has told you off handedly no, she means no. I love people and I find I can be a little too nice sometimes and even when I suggest no they think because I'm friendly that they can keep persuading me and it's exhausting and you become the creep. Some women don't like to be mean but most of the time we have to be mean to get the guy to understand. So please don't hate women for this just take a hint and go on to the next because it's not a big deal.

  3. Being nice isn't manipulative. It's a biological response to beautiful women. Some men are these nice guys and don't mute theor personally. It's still a turn off to women.

  4. Not all women are the same. And while most of this makes sense, alot of how a women reacts also depends on her current life circumstance or past traumatic experience. Sometimes the woman just doesn't want to submit for whatever reason. That's a problem. A man can know how to be a man but the woman must also be willing to submit. And vise versa. Society, feminism, and wokeness, have dramatically altered the natural state of which men and women perceive themselves. Young men are being indoctrinated with the idealism that being too manly is "Toxic", therefore suppressing their natural instincts. And woman are being taught that being "powerful" and "independent" means being stronger than men. Thus, becoming the man themselves, metaphorically. The roles are being reversed. Its unnatural, creates unbalance, and makes absolutely no sense.

  5. As a woman I have to say sometimes or most times men are nice but not interested their just being nice and 85% of the time the girl gets the wrong idea think the man is interested. So she tells him she’s not interested only for him to say he wasn’t trying to have her anyway. Then her ego is bruised and she starts actually liking him. (I know this is very specific but you’d be surprised how common it is).Also when a guy is being nice and likes a girl and she friend zones him and instead of staying friends he leaves her hanging and she ends up crushing on the nice guy anyway.(Also very common)

  6. Be attractive and tall. Women skip all this bs mentioned in the video and change the rules for the men they find attractive.

    The guys women desire don't have to jump through hoops and be perfect. That's why it always seems like women date jerks. The guys women want can treat them like trash and she will excuse the behavior. Women ignore red flags for the guys they are interested in.

    The game is rigged.

  7. Ill break it down, she says "Fuck The Nice Guy", falls in love with a jerk, he disrespects her damnnear everyday, she leaves his ass, and then tries to get back with the nice guy, by then the nice guy has moved on to something better while she is left lonely and is bound to repeat the same cycle over and over again.

  8. ugly men do not get pretty women. They don't. you are wrong. Ugly men get ugly women if any at all.

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