What If Every Rock on Earth Vanished Tomorrow

The world with no rocks… what would it be like? What if there were no rocks to build bridges, houses ???? , even sculptures? What are the main uses of rocks? Cement, chalk, building materials, even bath scrub – it’d all be gone… Many industries would be severely hit, landslides might occur more frequently. Let’s take a look at the world with no rocks.

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19 Replies to “What If Every Rock on Earth Vanished Tomorrow”

  1. What if every rock on Earth disappeared there would be no more rocks but seriously is never going to happen rocks don't just disappear Aerosmith Rock ???? in a hard place ???????????????? have you ever been hit in the head with a soft rock ????????️????❓⁉️????️????????????????????️????????????????️????

  2. This video is very flawed. If all “rocks” disappeared, the earth would fall apart considering that the earths crust is made of rock. Not to mention the earths mantle is made of molten rock, so that would be gone too. So it would be the earths core and solar winds/flares destroying whatever was left.

  3. How to remove everything rocks
    Step 1: get a shovel
    Step 2: 10 years ago
    Step 3: oh why there's a hole
    Step 4: Y O U F A L L E D O N T H E H O L E A N D Y O U A R E F A L L I N G F O R E V E R

    the deep void incident: may 23 2089
    Part 1

  4. This is what I wished for when I kept getting scars on my feet from those rocks, but then I realized what would happen.

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