When They Found It, They Didn't Believe Their Eyes

Today, new opportunities for research keep appearing and, as a result, new findings and discoveries happen. Archaeology also uses the latest achievements in technology. However, some discoveries are made by common people. For example, a little girl found a real sword in a lake. And that weapon is at least 1,000 years old! So how about some recent archaeological findings that stupefied scientists all over the world?

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1,500-year-old jewelry trove in Denmark 0:30

Lonely stone hut in Greenland 1:33

Ancient Chinese sword used as a kitchen knife 2:33

Ancient tools found in Texas 3:30

Roman sarcophagus used as a flowerpot 4:34

14,000-year-old bread found in Jordan 5:30

8-year-old girl finds an ancient sword in a lake 6:31

Ceremonial dagger used as a doorstop 7:40

Thor’s Hammer in Germany 8:43

Preview photo credit:
Silver Viking amulet in the form of Thor’s hammer Mjollnir, Uppland, Sweden, 10th century: By Werner Forman Archive/Image State/EAST NEWS, https://www.eastnews.ru/pictures/picture/id/6315643/i/2/t/2
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– Terese Refsgaard, an amateur archaeologist from Denmark, made an astonishing discovery on an island in Horsens Fjord. She stumbled upon a real treasure cache: over 32 items of exquisite jewelry dating back to 500 CE.
– Lonely stone hut in Greenland shouldn’t even be there. It stands alone, literally in the middle of nowhere, and people couldn’t possibly have lived there all year around because it was simply too cold.
– A farmer from China was digging up his garden when he found a really old, rusty sword. He took the blade for himself, cleaned and sharpened it, and used it as a kitchen knife.
– They teach us that humans first arrived in the Americas about 13,000 years ago. Well, the tools found by a team of Texas State archaeologists date back 16,000 years, which is 3,000 years older.
– A flowerpot in Oxfordshire, England, turned out to be an ancient Roman sarcophagus worth more than $364,000.
– Archaeologists found14,000-year-old bread in Jordan. Scientists say it predates the age of agriculture by 4,000 years.
– A landowner from Norfolk, England, dug up a rather large piece of metal in his yard. It was a ceremonial dagger, or dirk, from the Bronze Age — that is, from about 3,500 years ago.
– Many amulets like this were found in different parts of Scandinavia, but this one is different. The scientists discovered that Thor’s Hammer actually belonged to the most famous Viking lord: King Harald Bluetooth.

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  5. You know an ancient idol of the Hindu goddess Durga was found barid in the ground . It dated back 2000 years ago in Karnataka

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