18 Things Designed for a Different Purpose

The things that we use every day become such a huge part of our routines that we seldom notice their simplest features. However, look carefully and you may notice that your favorite items have been designed to do much more than you thought. For example, the little brushes by the side of an escalator are not for polishing your shoes but are actually an interesting safety feature.

Or have you ever noticed a tiny groove on the bottom of your favorite coffee mug? No, it’s not broken! In fact, tons of things you use every day without thinking twice are equipped with tiny gizmos. And here are 18 day-to-day things that have always had some amazing hidden features that we probably never knew about.

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Brushes on Escalator Sides 0:32
“57” on Heinz Ketchup Bottles 1:00
Pompoms on Beanies 1:23
Slots on Measuring Tape 1:51
Grooves on Toothpicks 2:19
Grooves on Cup Bottoms 2:47
Holes in Soda Pop Tabs 3:18
Little Dot Near the iPhone Camera 3:49
Holes on Gas Cans 4:10
Holes in Pen Caps 4:35
Childproof Prescription Bottles 5:10
The Ridges on “F” and “J” 5:32
Hole in a Padlock Bottom 5:53
The Gas Gauge Arrow 6:19
Fabric Squares That Come with Clothes 6:42
Plastic Lids 7:13
Notebook Margins 7:42
Side Holes in Converse Sneakers 8:12

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– When there are nylon brushes on both sides, you can’t help but keep your feet away from the escalator’s skirt panels.
– The place with the numbers is the sweet spot you should tap to get the ketchup flowing! So, stop banging the bottom of your sauce bottle already and hit the “57”!
– French sailors were the ones who invented this style, and pompoms actually served a very practical purpose. They prevented the sailors from hitting their heads against the ships’ low ceilings.
– If you don’t have anywhere to put such a toothpick after using it, snap off the flat end at the first groove and put it on the table.
– When you wash cups placed upside down in the dishwasher, the grooves make sure that water doesn’t stagnate in the cup bottoms and spill all over your feet when you take the cups out.
– Despite what most people think, the tiny dot next to the camera on an iPhone is NOT the flash! It’s one of the three microphones that starts recording once you switch on your back camera.
– Pen manufacturers know more about little kids than you can imagine. And to prevent kids ones from suffocating, they started to place holes in pen caps, so that even if one gets stuck in a child’s throat, the air can still get into their lungs.
– If you don’t have small kids around, turn the lid on the bottle upside down and there you go! It’s no longer childproof.
– The small ridges on letters “F” and “J” on your keyboard are made so that you can type without looking down at the keyboard.
– This tiny hole has a very important task: it helps to drain water from the outdoor lock after the rain, which prevents the thing from rusting and clogging.
– The arrow shows the side of the car where your fuel tank is. You’ll see the true value of this feature as soon as you rent a car and drive it to a gas station!
– You’re supposed to try out your cleaning products on this piece of fabric first, so you don’t ruin the whole thing when you decide to wash it!
– It appears that originally, margins weren’t created for making additional notes! They used to protect your work from… rats!

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  1. The headrest on your car seat can be pulled out and the metal poles on it used to smash a window in an emergency

  2. “It puzzled me to no end” means It puzzled me for no purpose. I think you mean “It puzzled me no end” meaning It puzzled me endlessly…at least until you found the answer.

  3. The grooves on cups don't prevent cracking, plastic prison cups have more of these grooves while many ceramic ones have none. It' a feature left over from when you could smoke in prisons and restaurants. It makes a handy little ashtray if you flip it over.

  4. If you're banging your ketchup bottle, then use the 57; but what if you don't use Heinz at all, maybe a glass bottle of sauce won't be compressible at all. Hey, Bright Side, you are the first channel in YouTube who uses Heinz Ketchup in their sandwiches.

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