19 Times No Need to Pay for an Upgrade

Most people believe if they pay more for an “upgraded” versions of some product, they get better quality as well. Unfortunately, this rule doesn’t work every time. Take, for example, organic food. Some of them can be 300% more expensive than other foods and drinks. But do you know that if a product is covered with skin, like bananas or avocados, you can safely buy non-organic ones?

Another example: opting for a higher Internet speed. Some Internet providers offer blazing-fast home Internet. But unless you’re a professional online gamer, you don’t need such speeds, and paying extra for this service is a waste of money. So how about we figure out if there’s any need to pay more for an extended warranty or a big helping of French fries?

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Sunscreen above SPF 50 0:25
Extended warranty 0:58
Buying organic food 1:21
Buying only name-brands 1:57
Ordering express shipping 2:24
Heavy, sturdy furniture 2:48
Flying first class 3:14
Ordering food delivery 3:45
Robot vacuums 4:10
Higher Internet speed 4:36
High thread count 4:54
High-end gym membership 5:18
Premium gas 5:40
Investing in “fine” jewelry 6:10
Unnecessary TV plans 6:40
The latest smartphone 7:03
Deluxe or unlimited data phone plan 7:33
Jumbo-sized French fries portions 8:04
Gourmet coffee 8:31

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– Dermatologists warn that bigger SPF numbers are more harmful to your skin.
– An extended warranty typically lasts for three years. And experts say that today, appliances and gadgets rarely break down during this period.
– Fashion experts recommend mixing items from different price categories and investing in something high-end only if you can wear it often and with different outfits.
– Tastes change, you might want to start a renovation, and then you’ll have an additional headache of trying to sell your massive furniture.
– The average economy-class ticket is 7 times cheaper than the one in first class. Ask yourself if the advantages of spending several hours of your time in a more comfortable seat are really worth it.
– If you have hot meals brought to you at least several times a week and pay a couple of dollars plus tips for each delivery, it makes up a hefty sum at the end of the month!
– A traditional vacuum is much more cost-efficient, even though you have to spend some time and effort to operate it.
– If you don’t visit the gym regularly, choosing a luxury one is just flushing money down the drain.
– Experts claim that there are no advantages in using premium gas: it doesn’t make your car run faster, there’s no fuel economy, and it doesn’t affect the volume of emissions.
– Buying jewelry can be a great investment — but only when you buy natural emeralds, diamonds, rubies, and other precious gems.
– If you’re in doubt whether you should order a medium or a big helping, opt for the smaller size. The difference in price looks tiny, that’s why you might think that you’ve got yourself a good bargain by paying less for more food.
– In most cases, all the difference between coffee you make at home and coffee from a new fancy coffee shop is in its price.

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10 Replies to “19 Times No Need to Pay for an Upgrade”

  1. In actual spf is sun protecting factor and the number in front of it is the time for which sunscreen will work, like if it is spf 60 then multiply it with 10, 60*10 – 600 is the total number of minutes
    Spf 60 will protection from sun ray for 600 minutes and after that it is just a layer of cream, no use

  2. I skip 3 or 4 phone updates sometimes lol. I just replaced my Samsung Galaxy S9 (first current model I've bought in years) last week, with another Samsung Galaxy S9 of Amazon for cheap.

  3. I was paying 160.00 for internet with Rogers then I found a company called Getus! Now I only pay 50.00 a month for the same speed internet !!!! BIG price drop eh???!!! Just goes to show that bigger is not always better!!!!

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