21 Day Bootcamp | Day 15

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20 Replies to “21 Day Bootcamp | Day 15”

  1. There's so many videos of this challenge missing:( it's a shame cause literally I ve been following along and I've been getting hard abs and really improving on holding my planks but regardless I'm just vg oing to redo some of the days to counts as 21

  2. Hey charliejames1975…any way you could link to the original day so we can get the print out of the exercises?  If possible, Thanks!  

  3. Sorry, I hate to perv (not really) but you looked better 3 years ago when you had a bum. I was watching an old video (Take It Off! Workout) and you look soooooo much better than you do now. Classic case of over-workouts. Burnt too much.

  4. God bless you guys! You make an amazing job always, and are helping me to look amazing. There's no words to describe how happy I'm to have you as my trainers. Love you 😉

  5. I love how involved you get with the audience. I absolutely love your videos…all of them. I always recommend this channel to everybody I know who likes to work out.

  6. Love love this challenges but my all time favorite remains the real time hiit max vids. Killers and hitting the 20 min mark. Please give us some more of them!

  7. so much son on your skin, careful, you are already too tanned, I try to shield myself from sun, as it ages us too fast

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