Forward roll Frontflip tutorial

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Performed and Narrated by Mathew Kaye.
Filmed and edited by Cole Armitage
Produced by 3RUN MEDIA

20 Replies to “Forward roll Frontflip tutorial”

  1. fuck man why cant I do this! I've been trying for years, I can do the running frontflip although i don't come out of it as high as this guy does, but everytime I do the frontroll it feels like I just don't have the energy to push my weight up enough to flip over, I always land on my tailbone

  2. Nice height! Thanks for the tips. Have been trying this and keep landing where I'm sitting on my heels and it isn't the best feeling for my knees.

  3. They say do these things in safe environments but all any of us really have is a field

  4. Lol !!! i said that 7 mount ago! and its still the best? but now, 21 people are mad agaisnt me, cause now they know that they roll

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