5 of the Most Important Things To Look For When Buying A Watch

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In this video, I share five of the top things or aspects I look for when looking to buy a watch. These aren’t necessarily all physical features or characteristics, but rather broader ideas I have developed over the years. What are some of your top considerations when buying a new watch?

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0:00 – Intro & Organization
2:34 – 1. Design
3:56 – 2. Viability For Your Lifestyle
6:22 – 3. Dimensions & Wear
8:36 – 4. Finding Value
10:35 – 5. Brand & Story

26 Replies to “5 of the Most Important Things To Look For When Buying A Watch”

  1. It’s something affordable but still classy and stylish that I can wear everyday as a joiner I might be dressed In dirty work clothes but I like to have a nice looking watch on because not all gentlemen wear suits but all gentlemen wear watches type of thing

  2. "You do not want to be the person who owns a rolex but then cant afford a bed frame for your mattress".

    Well I ordered a bed frame from Amazon but they lost my order so its really Amazon's fault my mattress is on the floor

  3. I've messed around with a few different styles of watches and different sizes. After a few years I found the 40-44mm watches are best suited for me and what I do on a day to day basis. Big fan of the Seiko's and i'm looking to eventually get a Sub. I am definitely a dive watch guy and wear one at all times.

  4. Possibly the best episode so far, palatable, useful and honest. Great work Teddy ????

  5. I love the knowledge and lack of pretension in your presentation of watches, showing a variety from budget to luxury- showcasing little known brands. Having an interest in automatons and things intricately mechanical, your videos make watches fun and informative. You’ve made me start to dip my toes in watches, but I dream of that Nomos, AnOrdain, and Louis Erard watch if/ when it seems to make sense. Thanks for the great content and the friend/ mentor I don’t know but feel like we’ve always been friends.

  6. Agree strongly especially with the point about whether a watch actually matches what you do and what you will wear. I bought an expensive dress watch for myself for my 50th. I seldom wear it, as I would wreck it in months. Gone back to a steel sports watch I can wear in the garden, cycling, skiing, travelling. Not a better watch, but a better match.

  7. Hey Teddy, here is my challenge: found a beautiful (NOS) Seiko 7a38 7020 from January 1984, coming in its original box. I just finished watching this video and I already have a deal in place to buy the watch on the grey market. However, there isn't any history past one previous owner who only had the watch for about a year. What to do in this situation? I mean like I said, after watching your video my answer is yes I want this watch and it fits me perfectly. Just stuck on the lack of history. Any words of advice?

  8. Really useful video. In 'dimensions and wear', another factor to consider is the caseback. Dished casebacks that make a watch protrude from your wrist accentuate the oversized look, especially if the lugs are long and/or have a shallow angle. Look out for this as it can make a watch fit awkwardly as if it is spilling over your wrist. Flat casebacks are better IMHO. Also large plain dials with widely spaced indices and a thin bezel can look odd on a slim wrist. Better to go for a smaller dial with a thicker bezel as it looks more balanced. Good to see Certina is now being offered, a great brand that offers terrific design, quality and heritage at a fair price.

  9. Great to see the OG Birch on your wrist! It’s the only mechanical watch I own. Great topic and video!

  10. I’m saving up for the new king sumo in blue which now as a ceramic dial, love the sumo range. Great video ????

  11. As a watch collector, for me it’s a few things

    1) how much I am spending on a watch-should not exceed a thousand dollars.

    2) does the watch has serial numbers; paper is good. Basically is the watch authentic.

    3) will I wear this watch? If the answer is yes, then when? And if that is too I know and it’s atleast once in two weeks and watch is rare, I get it.
    For ex. Getting the CW moonphase C1/C7 (almost impossible to get) oris’s James Morrison at less than a 1000 usd, they were my deals. And there are a few more rare ones which I am happy to own.

  12. Agree. I hate dive watches even though it's trendy. They are huge ugly and bulky so i don't buy them.

  13. I’m currently looking at a used aqua terra in quartz an new aqua terra automatic? This will be the first an last lux watch just looking for a GADA type. Which should I go for? I like an prefer quartz honestly low maintenance an just a battery change seems nice instead of having to deal with a automatic but I’m I actually better off getting it used an possibly running into issues or should I just get new aqua terra an just get a automatic an live with it? Any help would be great!

  14. I have quite a large collection of watches. The last three I have purchased were all Grand Seiko. I got the Cherry blossom, then the White Birch, and then the Night Birch. There is another I have seen I will probably end up getting too. I am very impressed with the Grand Seiko watches.

  15. Do you ever find yourself making excuses to not like a watch? I'm hung up on this idea that I should add a swiss movement to my modest collection

  16. Excellent discussion. Different than a specific watch reviews, rather what to think about when buying a time piece. Well done.

  17. Great video Teddy. I feel like this one will be a good one for viewers to go back to and reference each time we feel the urge to purchase another watch. Serves as a good frame of reference!

  18. Super excited to be picking up my snoopy Lunar Pilot next week ???? will be my first chrono

  19. The greatest advice here was try the on first then decide what to buy, i was saving up for the prx, but when i tried it on it was large for my wrist, but when i tried the Tissot Gentleman, it was perfect for my wrist although they both have the same case size. Another great video teddy!

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