Let’s DIY Doll Townhouses That Can Be Used As A Display | Plus Mini Brands

By Request: I love crafting doll display shelves, especially when they can be used as dioramas and backgrounds… and that is just what we will be crafting today! Join us while we make display shelves that look like colorful townhouses and recycle a few Toy Mini Brands capsules into wall planters in a new video on YouTube at MyFroggyStuff.


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20 Replies to “Let’s DIY Doll Townhouses That Can Be Used As A Display | Plus Mini Brands”

  1. ???? Such a beautiful & creative way to store your dolls. Love this idea ????❤????????

  2. I watched this knowing full well I’m not gonna attempt to make this craft lol. I just love this channel❤

  3. 2:17 anyone else notice how she said triangles instead of rectangles right here? ???? love you still toya❤❤

  4. Per usual your creativity is so inspiring! I actually finished my first doll room today using the wooden canvases you get from the dollar store! Thank you for always giving us such amazing ideas and encouraging us to just try ❤️❤️

  5. Another great craft but I laugh when I know the video is over because its always the same song. Lol

  6. great idea……… Now im gonna mash up your first apartment building without the added rooms and then the front of this an use each window for a doll to look out of but hang on the wall as a display also, yes…. i am inspired!! Thank you Toya!!!!

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