Grow Perfect Potatoes Every Time

Want to grow your own tasty tatties? Sample home grown splendid spuds? In this week’s video, Ben guides us through four options for growing potatoes, no matter what your growing space, from raised beds, to bare ground, straw and even in pots or bags.

Mashed, boiled, roasted, chipped, you name it, there’s a potato for you! Ben explains which spud is which, when to plant and harvest and everything in between in this comprehensive guide to everything spud related!

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How to Grow Potatoes

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24 Replies to “Grow Perfect Potatoes Every Time”

  1. My first earlies were planted in the middle of February as they were ready with large chits. I hope that they will survive in their buckets as we have had a lot of snow here in the Cambrian Mountains. They are covered in three layers of horticultural fleece and they have been in a shelter position. No leaves have shown yet probably because the temperature isn't constantly above 8C.
    Interestingly, I planted some large chits without a potato in my greenhouse to see what would happen. They have sprouted and there are now some very small leaves. I'm wondering how long they will continue to grow.

  2. This year I have opted to go with Sarpo Mira and Otolia potatoes. Last year I struggled with blight, which really cut the growing season short. Thanks for all the tips and inspiration!

  3. I do like to grow my spuds in sacks.
    simply topping up with compost beats planting in rows/troughs hands down. To harvest, simply tip the sack upside down and gather the spuds.
    Long rows of anything is a farmers way of growing / harvesting, gardeners don't have nor need tractors and ploughs .
    Protecting sack grown spuds from frost is easy too, just fold the top of the sack, unfold once the frost has gone.
    In the unlikely event of disease, remove the offending sack of spuds,.
    I grow International Kidney potatoes in seaweed compost, plant 3 per sack, plant another sack in monthly intervals. New potatoes right up until late November .

    Good video, good information.
    A novice veg grower should glean enough information from this to start with his own spuds. Well presented.

  4. Put my potatoes down about 3 weeks ago. Keeping close watch and care on/for the weather. Yukon Golds and a Harvest blend of reds and purples. I’m on the southeast coast of the us. Ty for the tips!

  5. Holy chit !
    I've currently got about 80 seed potatoes sitting in egg boxes, sprouting nicely. With the predicted shortages, I'm upping my potato game this year.
    Some tips I heard:
    You can use couples sheets of newspaper to protect foliage on frosty nights
    Growing more than one variety to reduce risk of disease
    Rubbing off some of the shoots produces fewer but larger potatoes

  6. Thanks, Ben. I am in the flowering stage with my potatoes. Actually, all of them are starting to flower and they are different day varieties. But, I'm going to keep them going until the foliage starts to die back, and then harvest.

  7. I am watching this video the evening after planting my first lot of first early potatoes this afternoon! And you are using the same variety as I have – Pentland Javelin! You are right about it being a great moment in the veg gardening year – and I can't wait to harvest them and have them freshly cooked! ????

  8. I will be honest with all the miserable weather I have forgotten to stick my seed tatties to chit

  9. Just the video I need! Thank you for filling in so many gaps in the potato literature. Much appreciated!

  10. You got my Happy Thumbs UP mate…. Very Informative Brother… Fingers Crossed for a great 2023 Harvest.
    Guru Murphinda From "The Little Farmers Farm" ????????????

  11. i had some old potatoes which were sprouting green leaves but they were also turning green… i have tried to cut them and plant them but it hasn't worked… what does it mean when they turn green?

  12. I live in the northeastern end of the US and the winter here is often long and cold and I have to wait longer than most to grow things in the spring. This year, however, either in late January or early February, not sure which, I decided to try growing potatoes in a pot. I usually store a large pot in my bedroom, forty to fifty gallons, for growing herbs for the winter months. This year, they didn't produce well, as my mother decided it was a good idea to get a pair of new kittens (It was, they're cute. A couple of snow white, American short hairs. Mine is named Cloud, her's is angel. Miscevious little things, but very friendly.) Well, the point is, these kittens ate my herbs. Obviously, I wasn't thrilled to see my herbs eaten down to the stems, but I took the opportunity to experiment. I've consistently grown potatoes in my garden, but I've never actually tried to grow them in a container and definitely never really thought to even try indoors. Anyway, long story short, after about twoish months, the plants seem to be doing quite well, though, with some expected stunted growth. The older development looks more like gnarled vines you would find growing up the side of a tree. It hangs down the sides of the pot, twisting and weaving around itself as they struggle to grow toward the light. About two and a half feet in length. Then there is the newer growth, which is growing long and a bit spindly. About a foot and a half of development. All around, I would say with what little I have to work with, they're doing rather well. Though the leaves are still quite small and there is a random corn plant growing up the middle that I have no idea where it came from.

  13. Great video! I planted some seeded baby yellow potatoes and they don't have any flowers. So, how do I know when to harvest? They have been planted about 2 months.

  14. Thanks Ben! Potatoes are one of my successes. So easy to grow and the grandkids love digging them up!

  15. Hi, I am new to growing potatoes and I have a couple of questions for you? Do I have to use the seed potatoes or can I just use whatever I have? I have some on my counter that are sprouting right now, will these grow in the soil? Thank you so much ????

  16. When I've grown spuds in open ground, I've earthed up etc. in traditional ways. This isn't necessary when growing in tubs or buckets, and I plant them at levels in tubs and fill up to the top then. Much easier and quicker, and my harvests this way have been better than earthing up in containers.

  17. Good trip add some grass cuttings to the trenches/ buckets it will stop potato scab

  18. Ok I can't get straw bales. I am gonna háve to dig. Whats the essiest way to dig beds? I can get compost from nearby in bags peat mostly and chicken pellets and I have some small amount of leaves and if I cut the grass ill have grass clippings. What tool should I get to do the job somone said I should get a rotavator somone said a sod Cutter I can't do anything with patról and I have a form and spade but I do not have the physical strength to dig with those. I could probably borrow a pig or two as they did some nice cleaning or some ducks or maybe a goat…

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