If you Like her, NEVER Say THIS!

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12 Replies to “If you Like her, NEVER Say THIS!”

  1. 1. Do not text her good morning and good night princess text. Do not try to become nice and sweet. He will put your in the friend zone. Saying good morning and good night is cringy especially if you do not have any emotional connection with her.
    2. Do not text her just hi without no context especially when you are pursuing her. You need to understand when you pursue her the burden of conversation is upon you until and unless you are very rich or popular. She do not want to carry that sword.
    3. Do not always compliment her. Do not always say thank you for doing this or that. Don't not behave in such a way like whatever she does is doing a favour for you.
    4. Do not ever ask her why she did not text you back, call you back or do not respond back to you. It seems very salty. When you are single bro your main goal is to talk to as many women as you can so that you can taste different flavors and come across with women of different personalities, culture, mindset, behaviour and needs. It will help you in two ways. First you will be perfecting your game. Second it fight off the neediness you have. If one girl do not text you back then you have other girls on the list.
    5. Do not declare your love for her unless she has emotional connection with you. You need to understand that a guy falls in love with a woman who has a beautiful and banging body. He fall in love through his eyes. But women are not this way. They are emotional beings. So if you say I love you without having any emotional connection with her if look you like very needy, clingy and desperate.
    6. Again do not give her any pet name like princess, honey, beautiful etc unless you have any emotional connection with her. You need to understand that most of the guys jump the gun. They get connected too quickly and easily and too desperate. So when you just started conversation with her and start flirting with her do not give her any pet names.

  2. I wish i saw this video 3-4 years ago. Did all of those ????. Still in love with that girl will always be. She doesn't like me anymore probably never did. Atleast now I have motivation material to improve myself and be the best version of myself

  3. Simple rule on dm'ing, dont ask a question that is answered by yes or no. Live ur life and dm women 3-4 times a week, remember do not give her all the time u have it makes u look obsessed with her and have no life.


  4. And another tip. Never use emoji’s while texting her until u get in a relationship wit her

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