Advanced Half Guard Passing: Capoeira Sweep (Beta Version)

During the seminar, we showed our version of the capoeira pass and did some trouble shooting on it.

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  1. Great sequence and even better "troubleshooting" & breakdown. Those are the sessions where all the magic happens. Every bit as important to have those lil pow-wows as to have the general techniques of the night instruction. Those minute details are keys! Great post Ari. Keep up the good work!

  2. @Submissions101
    Yeah, it depends on the skills and knowledge of your opponent. with someone like Eddie, it was pretty hard to get past because he's so good.

  3. @Arcturistheballer not all moves work on all people all the time. It doesn't matter who you are, everyone will have an opinion if they THINK it will work or not. What works for one person may not work for another. Keep an open mind..that's my motto-Ari Bolden

  4. Basically what I am seeing is that all you guys are about is wrestling without muscling it. It actually looks fun to do what you guys do, and the techniques you share and add. I am a dude who likes to think and I like strategy, If l lived closer I would love to hang and learn with you guys.

    PS girl and guy working on their skills in the back are funny, it kinda looks awkward at 2:17 đŸ™‚

  5. In last demonstration he is not holding his position with the leg as he did before.

    The minute he open half guard e can take his leg out and get side control

  6. hey Ari i am curis where did u train before ur 10th plantet opened did u live in the usa or go to the other locations in canda i am just curis good vid

  7. Testing all techniques to come up with brand new techniques! Love Subs101! You guys are the best!

  8. What is this called in the other name? And what is the Rubber Guard called in the other perfectly good name? I am all ears!

  9. first, there's always a "what if" question to be asked. there's a defense and a counter to every technique and there are always other options from every position. as for the kimura option, it's unlikely. from the top position in half guard you nearly always want the kimura to be on the opposite side of the guy's body. ari is on eddie's right, ari should kimura eddie's left arm. it's always possible though, i wouldn't completely say no to it. also no tension in eddie's legs makes this pass tough

  10. You might be right – but it's fairly tough to land a Kimura from half guard verses side control – I think their logic is grab SC before (or while) going for the Kim (or in this case, the choke)

  11. it would work, but the guy on the bottom has a strong lockdown, giving the guy on top slightly less mobility. SLIGHTLY. yep, it would work if you can neutralize the leg lockdown.
    but, it wouldnt be very smart to use a kimura. u could try a rear-naked choke with one leg on the waist since the guy on the bottom is on his side.

  12. i think that even if the gentleman on top were to grab a kimura he would not be able to create enough room to finish it. he is too low on eddie's body and eddie's legs would prevent him from moving up.

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