Amazing Blackberry Hand Pies

These amazing blackberry hand pies are bursting with flavor and covered in a crisp butter crust flecked with rosemary. The jammy fruit filling, buttery pastry, and blackberry glaze all come together to make every bite beyond delicious. This recipe just so happens to be from the my cookbook, so if you have a copy, crack it open and bake along with me!



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  1. Often you have hot food ingredients that need to be cooled to continue. I notice you suggest putting hot food in the refrigerator or freezer. I’ve been taught to cool slowly by putting the bowl in an ice water bath if you are in a rush. Doesn’t putting hot things in the refrigerator/freezer cause the temperature to change to an unsafe temp for the rest of the food in there? Refrigeration should be kept around 40 degrees and freezer at zero degrees, to keep foods safe. Confusing!?!

  2. I can’t wait to get your cookbook !!! Bless you for sharing your recipes with us !!!

  3. Rosemary for me is Roast Lamb or other very savoury tastes. I cant imagine it in a sweet pastry. I’m intrigued!

  4. Made them a few months ago using your book! I loved them, one of the most tasteful recipes i've ever tried (sent a pic on Instagram)

  5. Dunno about the rosemary, but Gramma would always bake me a pie for helping pick the berries, and my memories are of sunny spring days and smells of baking pies. I miss her.

  6. This raviolli technique for cookies is brilliant, with that stylish jam.. Super amazing mini crust pies, thanks for sharing your recipe!
    #2023 ❤????????????????????

  7. Love blackberries. There was a blackberry patch across from my old house. I miss that patch.

  8. They look and sound delicious! Also, I LOVE your heart-shaped wooden spoon!

  9. That looks great. Is there a way to not use the seeds? I always liked the taste of blackberries but the seeds are to much for me.

  10. It's magic John many thanks God bless nd your family much appreciated

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