Amazing Mushroom Bolognese

My rich and comforting Mushroom Bolognese recipe has silky handmade pappardelle pasta, tons of flavor and just hits the spot on a cold frosty day! It simmers away for a while and fills your house with the most amazing smell. You can make it as a vegetarian dish or with crumbled bacon but either way everyone will love it! I love making homamade pasta for this but it’s really just as delicious with whataver pasta you love. This recipe just so happens to be from the Winter chapter of my book so if you have a copy, crack it open and bake along with me!



12 Replies to “Amazing Mushroom Bolognese”

  1. ???? Those scary knife skills. For a second I thought there was about to be a finger in that Bolognese. LOL.

  2. So good, I am vegetarian so I used vegetable stock no meat. It was so good . Your receipt book rocks!!!????????

  3. John, it would help those of us who do not live in America if you would briefly show the ingredients, especially vegetables, to the camera. Living in Asia I am very ffamiliar with a variety of mushrooms but not their English names. Showing me what Oyster mushrooms look like would have saved me from Googling it to find out.

  4. May I ask an always wanted to know whats the difference between Bolognese sauce an Marinara sauce ????

  5. Yes a mushroom sauce ????! I could eat mushrooms all day… everyday! Thank you for the recipe

  6. One of my best friends stopped eating meat 35 years ago. He likes mushrooms and pasta, so I will make this next time he's in town. I will DEFINITELY add the bacon! What he doesn't know won't hurt him! 😉 Thanks for all of your fun videos, John!

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