Building A Small Income Property | Part 43 of 44

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In this video series the Perkins crew will be building a small accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on Jaime‘s property! This property is a double lot and already has one Airb&b income property and space for one more! The key to this property being a successful business venture will be building it on a $100,000 budget and getting it done as quick as we can!

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27 Replies to “Building A Small Income Property | Part 43 of 44”

  1. Keep them videos coming. I apreciate your hard work. Also realize the time and difficulty of video and editing. Awesome work and very entertaining.

  2. I always look forward to Thursday's and Sunday's for the fresh content! Love it!

  3. Hey Jay, that Dad Strength is sometimes the only leverage we have with our kids. I'm 58 y.o., 5'8, 185#, and my son is 23, 6'1, 175", and in shape. The Dad Strength sure levels the playing field. (Actually, it's the APPEARANCE of Dad Strength that keeps 'em in check.) ????

    Be sure to exploit it when you can.

  4. the pouches of 5 minute "hot" mud is perfect for touch up jobs. Or you can use regular compound and add plaster of paris into the mix, creates a workable product that sets up quick.

  5. I see so many "Way to go Jaime!" "Excellent job, Jaime!" "You're SO wonderful, Jaime!" comments down below, I'm starting to feel bad for the rest of the gang.

    So here's an ATTABOY for Erik, Arlo, Johnno, Ray, and Jason, just so they don't feel left out.

    (But hey, EXCELLENT work there, Jaime!)

  6. Ashley is that home owner that will make you rethink if you really want to be in construction ????????. Bless her heart lol

  7. 7:38 Not really what I would call a box spring but more of a box frame. Donde esta los springs esse? A low rider without springs is sled.

    Yeah, locking down the sliding box frame will cut down on the head dents to the headboard. ????

  8. if your smoke detectors are hardwired, then the chirping probably means they've been activated but they're turned off in the panel. flip the breaker on and the chirping should stop, although you may also have to hold down the reset button on one of them to sync them up. lemme know if that helps

  9. No hate intended, But a seemingly simple task like hanging drywall so the screws don't pop is tough! Experience helps and you gotta get every aspect correct. Even the best among us struggle with littlest of flaws.

  10. I have been watching your videos for a while. You guys don’t show it off much but your wood and metal shop is seriously cool.

  11. REALLY looks good guys!
    (I hate punch lists & hope yours is short!)
    Looking forward to the final reveal!

  12. What relationship is Ashley to you all? Jamie's gf or wife? I feel like nobody has ever actually said who she is lol

  13. Jaime, I truly believe that you need to buy a blasting cabinet to accommodate your sand blaster. It looks lonely ???? ????

  14. The upside down smokestack vent cover looks amazing! And those ash shelf boards have some pretty grain patterns on them. We love your channel

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