Astrid's Side Braid from How to Train Your Dragon 2 l Cute Easy Braid Hairstyle

Here’s a hair tutorial inspired by Astrid’s braided hairstyle from the movie, How to Train Your Dragon 2. It is a fun and unique irregular side braid with a small knotted braid on top. This cute braided hairstyle is great for summer, and you can add a headband for a bohemian hairstyle look. You can also wear this side braid as a back-to-school hairstyle or for everyday casual occasions.

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Elsa FROZEN Braid✘
Asuna Braided Half-do✘
1 Minute Ponytails ✘

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28 Replies to “Astrid's Side Braid from How to Train Your Dragon 2 l Cute Easy Braid Hairstyle”

  1. Damn it looks adorable and cool at the same time!I wonder how Astrid manages to keep it over her shoulder though.For some reason side braids always flip to my back the entire time.

  2. Hiii I loved this tutorial….. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for Valka's (Hiccup's mother) hairstyle :3

  3. I love this hairstyle!!😍 And you are so pretty!!Thanks for the tutorial Thuha!!😘

  4. Tried this on thicker and layered hair.  The top braid looked great, but the rest of the braid did not work.  🙁  

  5. Can you please do a cute one sided hair style like if you split your hair what can you do with your bang that you have

  6. I watched the movie today and hair has never looked so good on animated characters before! Haha

    Your braid looks just like Astrid's braid! Great tutorial!

  7. Hi :3! I'm crazy about your hairstyles video and especially this one !
    I really like it ! 😀
    Where did you find your headband ?
    (I'm french, so sorry for my bad english x_x)

  8. this is so great & i want to do this for school but im so bad w braids. (can you explain more on the braid on top of the head? i dont really get the knotting thing)

  9. I love this look, its cute and casual! Your hair is amazing as always! 🙂
    Could you do a video on ariana grande's ponytail and 2ne1's cl's hair during the rap part in the come back home music video?

  10. Please!!!! Can you do my hair!!! I tried to do that!!! It's so hard and your an expert!!

  11. This is actually the best tutorial of Astrid's hair that I've seen! Well done: I'm so trying this!
    Have you done a tutorial for her hair from HTTYD 1? Or is it the same thing as this one, but without the small braid?

  12. hiii i was wondering if u know how to make twintails like kagami from lucky star anime XD

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