At Home in Paris with Jamie Creel and Marco Scarani

Join us in Paris for a behind the scenes visit with collector and shop owner Jamie Creel and partner, designer Marco Scarani at their sumptuous Left Bank apartment. Hear how Jamie and Marco finally found their forever Paris home that could accommodate both intimate cozy living as well as their frequent guests. Learn why Marco insisted on creating a large café-like kitchen and an unusual room linking the front and back sections of the flat. Watch to learn how everything in Jamie’s and Marco’s home has a story. It’s their interests in travel, history and collecting that inform both their jewel box New York City shop, Creel and Gow, as well as their exquisite Paris home. Infused with comfort and personality, Jamie’s and Marco’s Paris home is a testament to their expansive interests and extraordinary personal style. You’ll be inspired, informed and entertained!! For more visit

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20 Replies to “At Home in Paris with Jamie Creel and Marco Scarani”

  1. Loved the house in Tangier and this beautiful home is just as stunning, Bravo ✨

  2. I loved the black and magenta library and the cafe style kitchen. Its unique and interesting

  3. Magnifique ! Un bel appartement paisible, bien coloré, vivant et plein d 'histoire personnelle tout en même temps ! ????

  4. This is a gorgeous apartment. Styled for elegance, comfort and personality. Inspiring!

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  6. The space is wow but I was annoyed that she talked more than they did and constantly cut them off ????‍????

  7. Oh where does the drooling start? Every single sumptuous sofa would be a good beginning. Love the banquet kitchen – but I would have to throw dinner parties in that circular room. I'm inspired to create that in my own home. The floors, paneling, moldings, fabrics…I'm blown away! Throw in this amazing couple and I'm in appreciation overload! So much to see in so little time –

  8. Susanna, you never disappoint! This visit was fabulous! More, more, we want more! Cheers!

  9. Love this! Love Paris (duhh!) ❤makes me want to drink champagne ???? ???? oops I am! ????

  10. I love the library. Every home should have a library. Their kitchen is sooo unique. It looks like a small restaurant.

  11. …and another thing; excuse the language, but what BALLS he had to casually take a small square space and decide to make it oval to improve functionality. Who does that? Most of us revel at removing a wall. Such genius!

  12. What an incredible house. Strong traditional decor with a light touches of modern elements. Eight minutes is not nearly enough to cover this.
    Just a suggestion, perhaps you can include still images accompanied with the audio of the conversation, or just a soft background music. To show the beautiful details and lengthen the video. When we fall in love with someone's house, we want to see every single room.

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