Bike check! All about my mountain bikes and what they're for

Today we’ll do an update on my mountain bike fleet, which is now the best it has ever been. Sure, I’ve always had capable bikes, but I’ve also had decision paralysis when choosing which one to take out on the trail. Now, each bike has a very specific purpose.

The Fork Cork
That little pump
Rev Grips
Half link chain:

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28 Replies to “Bike check! All about my mountain bikes and what they're for”

  1. Man, a reminder of how poor I am lol…???? Stuck with my Walmart bike so hopefully something good can come with the recent buzz with the bike market. It would be pretty interesting to hear your take on what’s happening with the bike industry recently Seth in a video or something.

  2. Vivo en California y aca a estado lluviendo mucho no he podido salir en bici .. saludos sets

  3. The Murder Machine has really mellowed out over the years, didn't expect him to become a family man

  4. Omg aligning my Magura MT7s is literally a nightmare, funny you mentioned it about the MT8

  5. If Seth puts the crank brothers tool that a little bigger I believe it’s like the m15 or something like that on the revel then he will have a chain tool

  6. Fox untill a little bit ago sold the fox 36 in 100mm specifically for dj bikes. It also has the same thru axle adjustment as on the fox 40.

  7. Hey Seth, I'm in town this week and I checked out Hendersonville and squatch bikes. Just wanted to say I'm a big fan and I thought I should say hi. You've inspired me to ride bikes, pick up a job at a bike shop, and really helped me become who I am today. Thanks for all your videos, Owen

  8. "I really wanted to treat myself with this one" bro you have a high spec revel ????

  9. Sooooo all in al just from those bikes you have about $50K invested. ???? Great vid though.

  10. Seth, may i reccomend 5dev cranks? Just thought because you like short high end cranks, they are beautiful, skeletonized, cnc machined cranks that go all the way down to 135mm long in 5-10mm increments

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