Delicious Food in TOKYO VLOG

Shot out to Mehmet Emin Deger for adding Turkish subs! Don’t forget to check his YouTube channel as well. 🙏🏻
Mehmet Emin Deger’e Turkce altyazi ekledigi icin cok tesekkur ediyorum🙏🏻 Kanalina ugramayi unutmayin ! 🙂
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Who am I?👩🏻‍⚕️🍙
I’m a first-year med student in Turkey. I’m taking a break from med school because of some personal and private reasons. I can not explain it yet but I will hopefully in the future.
If you are interested in which ethnicity do I have, I’m mixed. (Japanese-Turkish)
I was born in Japan but I grew up in Turkey. (But I visit Japan every single year)
Both of these languages are my mother language.
I’m polyglot and I can speak 4 languages fluently which are Japanese, Turkish, German, and English. If you don’t think that I’m a polyglot check Cambridge or Oxford Dictionary.
Poly means multiple and glot mean tongue so yes I am 🙂
I will be planning to upload lots of productivity-related videos, so stay tuned if you like those types of videos.
If you have any questions, comment down below.
Love you,

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Frequently Asked Questions:
-My height : 158 cm
-Why you use your Japanese name: Because its easier to remember
-Religion?: I don’t feel comfortable talking about religion
-What’s your relationship status? Not feeling comfortable talking about that either
-What’s your sexuality? No need to identify
-Where are you living? Currently in Turkey

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  1. Xiaolongbao means bun steamed with a small bamboo basket. Chinese cuisines around china has traditionally numerous ways of making different style of soup filled dumplings. the size of the dumpling and the style of the bun used(thick or thin, white or translucent) and the soup/meat fillings used varies quite a bit around different localities/provinces. the now famous soup dumpling variant, the Xiaolongbao originated in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, by Wan Hua Tea House in the years of Daoguang Emperor (1820 to 1850).

  2. I don't know how such a little lady can eat so much I can't eat that much and I'm 6ft 4

  3. I would love to meet you as a friend and eat good food and chat about things and success

  4. If I could cooking for you dumplings 🥟 every single day for you , I wouldn’t tired for see you gorgeous expressions each morning. During my short life . Good job girl .

  5. 3min 05 sec you showed dumplings with broth it reminds me of chicken and dumplings which I believe originated with the dutch but another entree Im familiar with is liver and onions which originated in Germany.

  6. 小笼包xiǎo lóng bāo 粽子zòng zi 锅贴guō tiē They are all from China

  7. As someone from Shanghai, I can tell you Xiao long bao is from my home town, and the way you pronounce it is Shanghai dialect way to pronounce Xiao long bao. But I am pretty sure people from other places which have Xiao long bao will tell you Xiao long bao is from their hometown. I think Xiao long boo's origin is debatable

  8. As a Chinese living in Singapore, these dumplings should be from China but Ding-Tai-Fung is a Taiwanese restaurant and it is also very famous in SingaporeI love it lol

  9. Hi Judy, I have just signed up and have watched 4 or 5 videos and I think these are all helpfully for improve everybody's skills but when you say your name please say like that I'm JOOUDIIY, because subtitle is showing your name different somtimes "duty" another time "today".

  10. Imagining Ruri doing voice over for the video is a good feeling. It's like she's talking to you directly.

  11. İ like asian food to but how u chose food withoud pork in it because we dont alow it to eat… Do u?

  12. Love you so much as a Chinese viewer, and I love JoJo too! I think souped dumplings are originated in south-eastern China, to be specific, Zhejiang Province. I prefer 日本料理 than most 中華 in Japan😂

  13. Ooh, my god! I come from Taiwan, it’s so honored that you like the food here! ♥️ love you

  14. Keep it up with your video and when make video and upload is like we are
    Just don't stop uploading video

  15. O god, i really really really really wanna go to japan. Please please please

    Btw, miss ruri must be a funny person. Haha

  16. Taiwan is a part of China OK? and xiao longbao is originated from Shanghai,a great city in China!

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