NYC DAY IN MY LIFE | first day of my internship

The past 2 weeks I had the amazing opportunity to stay in NYC with Margot and get to “intern” with a startup company called Wayv. I have been working with Wayv remotely all summer but wanted to come up to the city to meet the other interns and get to work more closely with the founder, Julia. I am aware that a traditional internship is longer hours and a longer period of time. This was a fun opportunity to dip my toes in the water and gain new experiences. I am thankful to Wayv for this amazing opportunity. I learned so much! This inspired to me to apply for a bigger internship next summer. Please keep comments positive, I am excited about the opportunity I got and I wanted to share it with you guys!

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12 Replies to “NYC DAY IN MY LIFE | first day of my internship”

  1. Please read the description before leaving any negative comments <3333

  2. Not to burst your bubble but it’s normally 8-5 for real working woman. Not trying to be negative but realistic.

  3. This internship is a great opportunity and staying in NY is amazing, but girl….the space you are staying at is so small it gives me claustrophobia attacks just thinking about it XD I feel crowded and anxious if me and my mum are in bathroom at the same time getting ready and I cannot immediately go out becuase she has to move aside, you rock for being able to stay there hahaha <3 🙂

  4. You should never receive any negative comments. You are so so beautiful and dare I say sexy. Keep living you life the way you want. Go for everything you deserve in life.

  5. where did you get the first romper you're wearing in this video ? the camel one ? THAKNSSSS

  6. can you do a “back to school (college) essentials” for what products and things you recommend for bringing to college to get you through the year?

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