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We got our hands on the Hard Deck Industries ( Deck Spine, a product made to go on your board and make it much more difficult to break! We put it through a lot of extreme tests and the Braille Team offers their HONEST review! Enjoy! Have you tried these?

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  1. Putting it on top would make it way more harder to brake while sliding. Because it would stretch the metal, which is way harder than bending it.

  2. m/ X_x m/ The best part of Mowgli getting bodied is I can watch it over and over and over some more!!! BODIED!!!!

  3. For installing them (not something I would do anyway), put the bolts through the deck, then put it on the bolts that are already lined up.

  4. I'm pretty sure this Brace is meant to resist downward force. So with that being said I think the type of impacts you guys were doing is the opposite of what this product resist. I bet focusing the board would have been much harder.

  5. Lmao Mowgli goes to Gabe some one with 12 more years of experience know they have seen the world they know. Lmao then he puts the trucks on backwards at the end and drops in and slams! Bodied!!!!!!!!😅😂😂

  6. Hope someone sees this comment but I am looking for an older braille video where they had this guest come on and he showcased this backpack that you could click your board on the back with and I wanted to check it out again but I cannot find it. Anyone know what I am talking about or can find me the link?

  7. Its made to prevent focusing boards because the metal will not stretch on the bottom of the board witch will keep the wood from flexing

  8. Lol great video guys! Can't believe Mo kickfliped it taped up and truck on backward!! Nice!

  9. Titanium refuses to slide other metals because it’s too hard, it digs into the rails, it chunks concrete ledges so either way a horrible material to use even if it did work

  10. I am now permanently terrified and will have nightmares because of pikachu chuchu

  11. The video made me laugh so hard😂 but I got to say that you guys never read instructions. It was supposed to have both the top and bottom piece at the same time and with that rick wouldn’t be able to focus it or at least he had to put more force!

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