Easy and Authentic Tandoori Chicken Meal At Home

This is the homemade chicken meal that will leave you with late night dreams after eating.

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14 Replies to “Easy and Authentic Tandoori Chicken Meal At Home”

  1. Green Chutney is not what I would have gone with. A nice, sour tamarind chutney would have been better, far as I'm concerned.

  2. Tip: Add ice instead of water. This help to retain the colour of the chutney for long.

  3. Can I ask a dumb question – alot of recipes say "grease the pan" – isn't there like a million ways to grease a pan? Butter, some sort of spray like Pan, vegetable oil. Is there a flat solution to breads / cookies / brownies , etc?

  4. The pronunciation of Tandoor was on point and would make my cousins from Kolkata happy.

  5. A tip for the chicken so josh while ur cooking it i suggest u take a little lemon juice mixed with some spices on a brush and rub ur chicken while it roasts that way u get a tangy taste to ur chicken and a tender roast asw

  6. i have just one suggestion… i know it pains you as much as me to throw the chicken skin away so just don't.

    sesason the chicken skin with salt, paprika powder and chilli or pepper powder and render the fat in a pan, until you get some crispy and delicious chicken skin… use the fat to fry the basmati rice because – do i even need to explain?
    and then you can either serve the skin on the side or crush it and sprinkle it over the rice.

  7. eveytime josh does justice to a desi dish one of my ancestors gain their wings

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