How to Catch the Best Lobsters 600 Miles Off the East Coast — Vendors

In Bermuda, spiny lobsters are only in season for seven months. Fisherman and restaurant owner Delvin Bean has been catching lobsters for 30 years, and he takes them straight to his restaurant where they are one of his most sought-after dishes.

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Producer: Carla Francescutti
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14 Replies to “How to Catch the Best Lobsters 600 Miles Off the East Coast — Vendors”

  1. 2:10 Just break the whip? you mean it's antennae, you know the thing it uses to taste smell and touch to be able to navigate the world around it, this is akin to a catch and release fisherman poking a fishes eye out! there are better ways like cutting a small notch on its tail fin.

  2. Spiny lobster is good but whoever told you they are better than cold water lobster was nuts. Cold water lobster is way better tasting.

  3. i ate a lot of Spiny Lobsters in the Virgin Islands.. Northern Lobster taste better to me. but at the end of the day Lobster is Lobster, im more of a Crab guy

  4. Doesn't look oppressed to me. What I see is a chill, competent and hardworking person. Just remembered that social justice BLM nonsense.

  5. Very impressed by both the fishmen AND the Bermuda government practicing sustainable fishing. It's good for everybody. If this happened in china, those lobsters would've LONG been extinguished already AND gone extinct.

  6. It's funny, when you look it up people will say it's good but not as tasty as Maine lobster, but I've have had them side by side and agree that the spiney lobster is a bit better. It's still lobster though, so we're kind of splitting hairs lol.

  7. This should be the pitch for next seasons the deadliest catch. Take people with extreme shellfish allergies and have them go out and catch lobsters.

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