From Giants to Jets: Morphing MetLife Stadium

Making one stadium home for both the New York Giants and the New York Jets requires an intricate changeover – from endzone logos, lighting, tee-shirts, banners, artwork – sometimes in just 12 hours. See the tricks used, including how the crew shuffles those 2,000-pound endzone trays. With ‘Off Duty’ Host Wendy Bounds.
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21 Replies to “From Giants to Jets: Morphing MetLife Stadium”

  1. Wait…. There are classroom with more people in them. 18-26 people to change over the entire place? Wow.

  2. What’s crazy is they go from a Jets home game on Sunday afternoon to a giants home game Monday night.

  3. um, the only NFL stadium to host two teams, but I thought the Rams and Chargers shared SoFi Stadium

  4. She said she can see russia from her house while shes on a crane 🤔….that made no sense

  5. I don't understand why The Giants and Jets couldn't have their own separate stadiums just like the Yankees and Mets.

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