House Tours: A Colorful DIY Home Filled with Befores and Afters

Name: Charlotte Smith
Location: Fairfield, Connecticut
Size: 4000 Square Feet/372 Square Meters
Type of Home: House


Charlotte Smith is a mother of five and a DIY genius. Whether it be her daughter’s DIY bunk bed or remodeling their kitchen and bathrooms, Charlotte always finds a way to keep these projects on a budget. Her love of color shines brightly in her home and we can’t wait to see what she does next. Oh – and that DIY sheep is just precious. “Baaarbara” is the best!!

0:00 – Intro
00:35 – Foyer Table
01:27 – The Dresser
02:26 – The Coffee Table
02:50 – The Sheep “Baaarbara”
03:38 – Bathroom #1
04:27 – DIY Bunk Beds
05:30 – Wallpaper Headboard
05:57 – “Built in” Cabinets
07:13 – Bathroom #2
08:05 – Remodeled Kitchen
09:15 – The Playhouse
09:59 – The Office
11:38 – What home is

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23 Replies to “House Tours: A Colorful DIY Home Filled with Befores and Afters”

  1. I love your homw. My favorite are the striped zebra coffee table, your sheep-Barbara, your girls bunkbeds and the primary bathroom vanity.

  2. Wow! So many great ideas have come out of this woman’s brain! Thank you for being YOU!

  3. The dresser looks like flame mahogony. The symetrical pattern is achied by using veneer over solid timber.

  4. Like who ‘aka the normal run-of-the-mill-person’ can do half the stuff she can and is describing here? Come on! I’m pretty handy but I don’t know how to pull up floors/tile/retrofit dressers into sinks, where did this person learn all of these skills In wondering? Cuz I can paint but dang feels like I’m living on another planet, house looks great, she has five kids so now I feel even worse cuz I only got four and my house is a disaster zone….anyways, awkward! Just kidding, good for her, she’s obviously a boss❤️

  5. I’m thinking how great it has to be for her kids! So cool to have a parent like this creating such a beautiful environment to grow up in. ❤❤❤❤

  6. And this, kids, is why you never paint your ceiling a darker color.

  7. "Aggressive ivory color on the kitchen cabinets"…better be careful! Those cabinets are gonna getcha!!????????????

  8. Love this beautiful, cheerful home–love the warm, bold, and bright color choices.

  9. Love! Love! Love! Your sense of style, and your sense of fun give your home so much personality and whimsy! This is inspiring – not to copy, but to let creativity flow.

  10. Charlotte is living a life I truly admire. She has such a grasp who she is and is working towards fulfilling her soul daily. I love that about her.

  11. I have a sheep in my living room, smaller, brown, and her name is Dolly, she is the same size, color as my Cairn terrier Otis???? full disclosure, I bought her????I love every inch of her home, so creative and whimsical❤

  12. Creative and inspirational…..what a diyer…! Such a wonderful home and owner….I adore her perspective on design❤

  13. My new Apartment Therapy favorite. Charlotte's design sings a happy tune with lilting grace. I love everything about it. What a gift!! ????

  14. What you have done is amazing. You have a lot of pattern but the effect is light and airy.

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