What is Minimalism? (Minimalism Basics Ep. 1)

Today we’re going back to the basics! What is minimalism? What are the benefits of minimalism? What are the drawbacks? Why can it be so difficult to simplify and declutter your own home? What myths might be holding you back?

(This is the first video in this series, as we publish more, we will add them to this playlist!)

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00:00 Back to the Basics of Minimalism
00:55 How is Minimalism Defined?
01:49 What Minimalism is to me
02:21 What are the benefits of Minimalism?
04:25 What are the drawbacks of Minimalism?
06:28 But how did we get here?
08:33 Minimalism Myths


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16 Replies to “What is Minimalism? (Minimalism Basics Ep. 1)”

  1. Thank you for watching! This is the first video in this series so we don't have a playlist yet, but as we add more, we will make that available! I hope you have a great day! – Dawn

  2. Thanks so much! It's not lost on me that as you bash marketing, that's actually one of your strengths – and so good for your channel and us! It all gets put into perspective about which marketers we reject and those we accept. ????

  3. I will eventually get there. The fact that I tend to procrastinate doesn’t help. The fact that I work in schools and have the summer off will definitely help!

  4. Your segment on marketing is spot on… Things are changing very rapidly out there. I’ve been watching your videos, and although I’m still early in the process of decluttering, I have been taking in information for a couple of years now, and my buying habits have changed dramatically because of it. I was very proud of myself today because I had to go to target to look for shoes for my daughter, which I did not find there but I went in because I had a dentist appointment and I want Ed to buy a bottle of mouthwash to swish before going.
    I was totally patting myself on the back when I left the store, literally only with the travel size mouthwash even though I walked the entire store!

  5. So many benefits and I agree with all of them. Physically decluttering provides mental decluttering. Outer order inner calm. Love your videos as well as Tom and Diana's. Thanks so much

  6. Having a simplified home is great. I was able to pack for a vacation and not create a disaster in my house in the process!

  7. Excellent video. I have watched you since the beginning. I always recommend you to everyone. Love you Dawn !!!!

  8. I have 4 small kids, ages 1, 4, 7, and 10…is it truly possible to become a minimalist with small ones? I feel like I am getting rid of all their toys! ????????

  9. WOW 700 videos!! After that many videos and you're still able to explain in new ways. That's amazing Dawn!

  10. I've been following you Dawn for years now and have implemented many of your tips. From storing my food storage containers with their lids on, just letting my items go after I've decided to declutter them vs holding onto them to sell or something and have joined your take your house back course. Slowly refusing my items and am so thankful to have your inspirational videos, practical tips and encouragement. Thanks for being so generous with your content! ❤❤❤

  11. This is great to apply to storage units too which for many people are huge "keep"boxes except you are paying every month-and they charge you more the longer you keep the unit -and if you look at what you have in there most of it is clutter because you don't use it or want it in your house. And, if someday you did want something you were storing you could buy all new stuff for what you are paying in storage fees. Dawn and Dana in particular have helped me see my stuff for what it is, get rid of much of it, donate realizing someone else may actually need and use the item, think twice before buying anything, and save so much money. I am really grateful!

  12. Love this review of basics! I got my house decluttered with your videos last winter and I still love to hear about the topic, it's all so true and refreshing!

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