How to Paint a Front Door | Benjamin Moore Aura Grand Entrance

Learn how to paint an exterior door the correct way with Benjamin Moore’s Aura Grand Entrance paint to ensure it stands out and endures the test of time. This product brings rich, vivid color and exceptional durability to your exterior doors and trim. It also has excellent color retention and fade resistance, as well as a rich, lustrous finish. Learn more about our Aura Grand Entrance paint here:

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20 Replies to “How to Paint a Front Door | Benjamin Moore Aura Grand Entrance”

  1. On doors with any kind of relief panels or sticking, trying to blend brush strokes with roller finish is more luck than skill.

  2. How are you supposed to keep the door hardware off for two coats of 24 hours? My house will be cleaned out by then

  3. After seeing a painter paint an entry door with car paint, I coukd never brush ir roll, I take it to him to spray for me.

  4. I had to replace my door in the winter, should I wait to paint it until spring when the temperature is no longer below freezing?

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  6. You can tell who ever is painting the door is not a profecional . One more thing I'll never use a foam roller never , microfiber are the best in the market right now.

  7. Would there be any prep for a metal outside door thats never been painted? Could I use this same paint?

  8. I've been painting for over twenty years and i rather leave the roler texture instead of going over it with the brush; My own and personal opinion, of course, but over all, it is a great video!! By the way, Benjamin More is the best paint in the world!!!

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