Make a 2-minute stylus

We’ve shown you how to make your own touch-screen stylus before, but Sharon Vaknin has another quick and dirty design. Take a peek at her secret weapon for navigating her iPad and becoming a Draw Something master.

29 Replies to “Make a 2-minute stylus”

  1. Fk…. This is bigger than pnis .. how could someone draw something on phone..uselesss

  2. this works horribly because the screen gets scratched from the foil ????everyones like "it works so good!!!" bro your screen is getting destroyed

  3. I made this and I can’t believe I bought the Apple Pencil ????????????

  4. That is one simple stylus I can probably make! If I can find a pen in my house that doesn't click, I can probably take it apart, take the ink out, put a cut up Q tip in it, put Tin foil around it, and get it wet with water!

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